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My Resignation from This Site

Posted By: Boris

My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 08:04 AM

I am now leaving...This place is full of kewls(see other forum) and I thought I would try and be nice and teach you....But no your way to immature and childish for anything help...I hope you guys stay here and dont go to any other sites such as totse...As for you gizmo....I Will get revenge....If its the last thing I do.....I love you gizmo! ready comrade....I will be at also I know that this post will be edited by someone...Your just scared because you dont want anyone making fun of you because you got made fun of in the 4th grade...Now I havn't made fun of anyone through this post except that last comment which I will aplogize for now.....Now dont be a coward and edit the post....I dont care about your can say I am a cocksucker and I wont know...Because I am definitly not comin' back....For those of you that were nice to me thank you and I am sorry I wasted your time....well I bid you all farewell....
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 11:11 AM

Wow Boris, you will reak your revenge 'eh?

Lets review for everyone why you supposidly hate me now... You stole artwork from DK which is one of our affiliates, and posted it on your bulletin board as your own, then you had posted a link on UGN to the said work.

I removed your link and closed your post.

You emailed me threatening me

Here is the message sent by Boris:

Subject: Good Day.

I shall be back....if you have ever heard of you know whats gonna happen soon...

till then-Ta Ta my best regards.....And to think I respected you and this site at one time.....
Good Day....well I LOVE YOU COMRADE......Now does that scare you.....(boris is extremly pissed and WILL get revenge for what you did)(Boris wonders why he is talking to himself in third person....)

See ya soon.....
To which I replied:
Pardon? You’re stealing content from our site and other sites and placing the work as your own. This work was created by users through many hours of work and hard work at that, yet you state that I did something wrong by telling you to stop? If you care to threaten me feel free, I welcome the challenge, but keep in mind that the outcome is your doing, I just wanted you to stop spamming stolen work as your own, and you over reacted.

Good luck,
I also mailed a follow up after reading this post:

Also Boris, please check the post that you had opened;f=18;t=000221#000001 for any responses, I’m sorry to see you leave, and we did appreciate seeing you around, you’re a very smart individual who I believe would be a welcome addition to UGN, sorry to know that illegal acts on your part would result in you resigning from UGN. You’re welcome back at any time.

Its amazing that someone would not follow the rules, we're a legal place, therefore relaying images or items that are protected by copyright laws would be illegal to show, yet he just had to push things, and instead of having a discussion with me he threatens me, takes everything out of context, then resigns on UGN...

Its funny, how he resigns and all, especially since he has no power at UGN, well at least if he did he woudln't have done what crime did... And to think, I liked this boris.

And a note to boris, We all do what we must in life, but we always must recall that our outcome from our actions is our own fault. If you're ever wanting back at UGN just ask, as for now we'll let you go with your empty threats.

Thank you all for your time,
Posted By: Curse

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 11:15 AM

Boris, you do realize that threatening someone with an incinary device is a felony in the United States, correct? And Canada is always a willing participant when dealing with the extradition of criminals... Just something for you to think about...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 11:18 AM

Yeh, I found it rather helarious when he threatened to blow me up because I told him his link to copyrighted imagry wasn't wanted.
Posted By: Asteos

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 12:43 PM

Looks like someone forgot to take their prozac. Or it's that painful time of month again. Farewell comrade Boris.
Posted By: Rapture

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 01:11 PM

look name is boris and i'm an attention wh0Re
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/17/02 03:12 PM

Gizmo you replied to all what did in a best reasonable way and to say better.. you acted too good which you shouldn't do.

Man you did your part, he wants to [censored] around so let him do it... he did something he shouldn't and he got what he deserved. As you said all this is legal on UGN.

He can threaten you much as he wants, but good for him that he ain't threatin me, he'll get his azz wide kicked. Who the [censored] does he think he is damnit >?

Boris if you think you're such a tough guy and so powerfull, why don't you leave Gizmo alone and come for me huh ? you want revenge huh ? hehe...

You're so funny really.

P.S. he's after to hack UGN...

people, to good guys be good, to bad ones.. GIVE EM HELL BOYS !!!

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/18/02 01:49 AM

<snicker> BP stands up for me... ::feels warm and fuzzy::
Posted By: Asteos

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/18/02 04:05 AM

lol Ah - did ya get that "He's after to hack UGN" bit? I think that was the important part ... call me crazy.
Let him take his mydol, in a few days it'll blow over and he'll forget why he was even mad. Untill then he will probably drink all the vodka he can untill he forgets why he was mad.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/18/02 06:15 AM

<snicker> I wish I had vodca frown ...
Posted By: dashocker

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/18/02 09:30 AM

lol, VODCA! <points at Impy and laughs>

OK, it should be written into the board agreement that you may not post anything about you leaving the board. its annoying. its childish. and it doesent belong at UGN.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/18/02 12:54 PM


Oh, boris, last note, you had ONE post edited because it contained copyright infringemed information from DK and I had complaints, so you resigned and over reacted, i find it helarious, especailly when you try to make fun of me, just had to chuckel about it...
Posted By: unreal

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/18/02 02:47 PM

Vodka, damnit. frown
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 12:41 AM

/e passes unrael vodca and closes topic.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 02:42 AM

Wow, another boris email! I feel special, I thought we droped this topic, but nope, he feels it must go on...

From Boris:
...I find it hilarious that you cant spell....And tell me where...where on my forum site you see something that was stolen...thats what I thought...Now looks whos over reacting.....If you ever read my second to last post about kewls....You will know that you are a total kewl....But ohwell....who cares its your crappy site and you can do whatever you want...I actually prefer if you guys stay up....That way we can send all of our kewls your way where they will feel just at home....Once again I bid you a good day.

You had information that was stolen from DK, which was the ONLY reason your post was edited. Funny, I seem to recall being 90% German and being born out of the USA, yet I find my English quite well considering. Interesting also that I spell-check and grammar check my outgoing mail... Perhaps it is you who cannot spell and are trying to latch on to just about anything to try to act cool.

I don’t see why you see it fit to argue, I told you that if you post illegal material or copyrighted material it would be removed, yet you do so and it is then you act like we did some huge horrible thing to you. We said you’re more than welcome so long as you stop posting links to your board when it has copyright infringed materials posted on it.

And I’m not overreacting, I’m responding to emails sent to my inbox, I never saw anything as an overreaction other than your retaliations over what happened because of your actions.

Obviously you do care about my “crappy” site otherwise you wouldn’t have taken such an offence to what had happened. You’re drawing this matter out longer and longer, we’ve already dropped it, I suggest you do the same.

Yes, us and our “kewls” I’ll be the first to admit that most of UGN is a bunch of kiddies, clueberts, “kewls” etc, we’ve been trying to HELP people as opposed to OPPRESSING them.

Yes, good day, until I get another email from you with meaningless threats and moronic content.

UGN System Administrator
I think we need a "Hate Mail" section now... What do you think boris?
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 04:35 PM

heh that's right Gizmo.

I recieved an email from Boris too, he was saying that he has nothing against me and so on, things i already knew coz if he had something against me things WOULD be different but anyway, i don't have anything against him too but i'm against illegal acts and i thought Gizmo was being tooooooo good to him even though he didn't deserve that so i couldn't just stay there.

Note: Boris i don't have nothing against you either coz it didn't have nothing to do with me so please, let's not make a big deal out of it, i suggest you do this:

stand up like a man, apologyse to Gizmo and anyone else who you should, accept your mistake and i guess everything will be ok then, coz people make mistakes and "you've gotta learn to forgive if you wanna be forgiven" that's a quote i used long time ago but i guess it's still up.

hehe Gizmo yeah we definitely need a Hate Mail section and you know what, Boris could Mod it lol.

see ya man

P.S. Gizmo you got my email ?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 05:14 PM

Man, this little [censored] is still emailing me lol... You know what, he's banned, bye boris!

Nah, I didn't get your mail.
Posted By: Asteos

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 06:45 PM

Wow this is getting really old guys. There's probably a really simple solution to this but some people *cough*b o r i s*cough are too closed minded to meet half way.
What's that? Gizmo deleted his topic? Boo hoo hoo cry us a [censored] river about it. Did big bad Gizmo hurt Boris' feelings? Giz, you're a monster, Boris, you need to get over it. I think the only one being "kewl" here is Boris for starting all this uproar and making emtpy threats. If Boris wasn't starting a riot over some petty [censored] it would make better sense to me. But it doesn't. I can say that if I stole artwork and someone deleted it from the board I wouldn't blame them, and I wouldn't declare war on ugn either.
Also, the next person who publicly announces their 'resignation from UGN' I am personally going to slap. That [censored] is way too lame.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 10:25 PM

I RESIGN! rofl...
Posted By: Asteos

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/19/02 11:48 PM

/me runs after Gizmo with a Samurai sword
Wait a sec ... you CAN'T resign!
/me drops sword
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: My Resignation from This Site - 10/20/02 02:04 AM

<snicker> thats why i commented lol...
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