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Review Of 3COM

Posted By: IceMyst

Review Of 3COM - 10/23/03 05:26 PM

First off I have never been so frustrated with a web site in my life. A brief glimpse at the main page of evil it seems like an innocent enough of a site but in fact, in my eyes and many others I have talked to about it, is an incarnation of evil. I spent 1/2 hour just trying to register myself, then another hour and a half registering my stupid PC card, a 3C574-TX, so it will still be covered under warrenty so I can RMA, return material authorization, it.

After each line you fill out the page has to reload. And not to mention how much it's pain in the butt to link the user account to the product.

Oh, i could do it online but from what I have been told it's not even worth it. It's better to call it but wait a minute... Another road bump... I spent probably 6 hours just trying to find the 800 number for 3 Com product support. I still haven't found the number.

For a company that prides itself for cutomer service, they sure do make it hard to get a hold of them. It also doesn't help that most of their newer hubs and routers have a really high failure rate. With some of them they break only after a month or so. Nice money maker ploy. Make your product real cheap and easy to break or set them up to break after so many months and have your cutomers spend hundreds of dollars to keep their systems up. Pretty shitty huh? Especially considering their biggest clients are big company's and schools.

Don't go through 3 Com. If you can avoid them, then do so. Buy Soyo, Linkskis, anyone BUT 3COM!!!

I will give them this:
They do have good over the phone customer support when you go to the right extention and they are really good at quick e-mail confirmations. Other than that they really don't have too much going for them... <img border="0" alt="pissed" title="" src="graemlins/pissed.gif" />
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Review Of 3COM - 10/24/03 06:39 PM

Don't forget the ever popular, if you plan on using 3com for anything, you better plan on not using Windows XP
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Review Of 3COM - 10/26/03 09:43 PM

oh, i forgot about that... 3Com likes to convinently leave out the fact that when people upgrade to XP, they can't use anything from 3Com. Just another way they like to screw people over...
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