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Family Pictures

Posted By: Gremelin

Family Pictures - 12/06/06 08:39 PM

Well, we got our family pictures done last night... I tried out the beard trimmer sam got me last year for Christmas, completely butchered myself... #5 setting is like #1 with my old set so my beard got way shorter than what i was prepared to cope with...

The walmart photo center people are awesome I've got to tell you... But don't bother with a picture CD, $10 for a set of low resolution photos that you can do nothing with (they're like 300x500 resolution, snapfish recommends I don't use them) so I have to wait 2 weeks for my prints to come back so that i can scan my own copies to do stuff with lol...

But without further adou, the best photo of the group (feel free to click on the photo to go to the full set; keep in mind that all photos are unadjusted and are exactly as they are from the cd, no resizing has been done, so judge for yourself how small they are lol).

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