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Red cross

Posted by: Artic Warrior

Red cross - 02/03/07 04:36 AM

Has anyone ever thought that the red cross symbol for the Red Cross might ave something to do with the Knights Templar who used the same symbol? Well I did and couldn't find anything relating the two. That is all.

Though the Knights Hospitaller also had a similar flag, only it was a white cross on a red backround. Maybe its just the use of red and white and a cross that attracts these groups.
Posted by: §intå×

Re: Red cross - 02/03/07 08:26 AM

Red Sheild led to Rothchild so maybe... lol

Guys I am seriously starting to not trust many agangies. Did you all know the UN was caught injecting cancer in to African children?

Fucking cancer...Did you know the move to the North American union is set to happen 2010, so in less than 3 years. Someone needs to do something. I know if they try to chip my kid I will kirk out.
Posted by: Artic Warrior

Re: Red cross - 02/03/07 02:17 PM

Originally Posted By: int
Red Sheild led to Rothchild so maybe... lol

Please explain to me how you knew that bit of detail.
Posted by: §intå×

Re: Red cross - 02/05/07 09:07 AM

lol Look it up. My goal in here is to inform people enough to look into things. I know many who see my posts laugh and say Le4rner lost it. I want you guys to prove me wrong. research more than the 6:00 news.

Here you can find the family coat of arms

The German word for 'red shield' is Rothschild.
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