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Les élections américaines

Posted By: Artic Warrior

Les élections américaines - 01/22/08 03:53 AM

Our news keeps covering the elections in America but refuse to explain what it is you guys are voting for. I think our political systems differ a bit. We have a Two party preferred basis.

I was wondering the following,
This Obama and Hillary are in the same party right?
And they are trying to become the head of the party?
Whoever becomes the head of the party has a shot at running for the presidency in a different election right?

Its all really confusing. Can someone explain it too me please.
My confusion and assumptions (which lead to more confusion) are driving me insane.

Are the republicans also campaigning?
Also what does it mean if they win in a state. Do they tally it up and whoever had the most states wins in the end?

To me its seems like it costs a lot more than it should.
Also I am pretty sure Mr Bush is out after this term right? So when will we have a new President, and can we try democrat this time?
I say 'we' cause your presidents have a tendency to run the planet.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Les élections américaines - 01/22/08 08:48 AM

You don't have to be in a party to run.

Hillary changed parties to run.

this is all retarded, and none of us in America give a [censored], i fail to see why other countries do.

"winning a state" means that they have a supposid "majority vote" in that state.

we get to vote, however, it's our senators and a select few whos votes really matter; our votes only count when there is a tie; which is fricken retarded.

You're an idiot if you think that "elected officials" actually *do* anything; yeh it seems like a conspiracy theory, but do your really think we'd just give bush that much power over that many nukes? never trust high explosives to a Texan... Think about this in your own countries, of all of the power... now think of this, would you allow just one person full reign of everything? shadow government my friend... your elected official is simply a scape goat and someone for you to yell at.
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Les élections américaines - 01/22/08 01:44 PM

Sounds like Sintax got to you.
But I do agree to a degree of what you said.

Won't a change of parties see a change in the people allowed in the White house? Therefore we will have different 'puppet masters'.
So even if one person is in charge or not, if we try democrat than things will change, unless of course you are Sintax and believe a third party controls the White house.
I never thought the President was in full totalitarian like control. I have heard of the power of the lobbies in the States.

I thought your last paragraph was in response to me asking for a democrat President. Which I think is a leftist party? Or an Elephant and the republics are the donkey?
Than there is also a red and a blue. Its all confusing.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Les élections américaines - 01/22/08 03:52 PM

Actually, I got to him long before wink... Weeve too lol...

'eh the president is a puppet, the masters hide in the woodworks wink...

It's said best as, "you'll either have a gluton or a jackass in office; neither is right"
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