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Old Timer Hacker

Posted By: Byte Rider

Old Timer Hacker - 03/02/04 03:44 AM

Hey, I just thought I'd say THANKS-- to all of you guys running this server for keeping onto those old, old, old text hack files. A few were written by myself, a lot of them hosted on my old BBS.

You understand that some of those files are nearly 15 years old? Funny, tho, once a hacker always a hacker... except now I get to hack satellite systems instead of BBSes lol!

Thanks again, guys!

Bryan "Byte Rider" Wilcutt
Sysop of Sirius Cybernetics [Hawaii]
Author of TI Telecom BBS software
Inventor of Red box
Now 37 and not 16!
Still hacking...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Old Timer Hacker - 03/02/04 07:12 AM

I know that a chunk of them are older than that wink ...

Best way to get to know how things work is to get to know how they once worked. Almost everything now that once was able to be owned through one means is only upgraded...
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Old Timer Hacker - 07/21/05 10:15 AM

byte rider invented the red box?

i havent seen any of his posts on the boards and judging from his last post, its been a while.
anyone been in contact with him?
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