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Idea for UGN news

Posted By: Shinobi

Idea for UGN news - 02/01/04 06:31 AM

This is an idea that I have been rolling around for a while. I think it may be an idea (I don't want to say a good idea, because I got no other input on this). I think it would be good to have UGN start doing interviews with various people that have had a lot to do in computer or maybe started something in computers. Like Steve Jobs, or Adrian Lamo, or some people like that. Have some of the staff memebers (More than 1) Tracking down and conducting interviews for UGN. Its just an Idea but I would like to know the feedback people have about this
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Idea for UGN news - 02/01/04 07:38 AM

No one would agree lol... Trust me, I've tried... But I am making a list of who else I should contact so if you have any ideas give me a hollar...

I'd also like some example questions that you'd ask them.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Idea for UGN news - 02/04/04 03:19 AM

Ya, it would be pretty hard to get people to answer some interview questions.

Usually they answer CNN, CNet, Silicon and all those computer related sites.
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