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what would be nice

Posted By: weeve

what would be nice - 04/14/04 12:15 PM

is if the games section held a chess flash, and a poker flash. or multiplayer opens of any kind, I think about, and see as being something that would be...phenomonally great for the site.

just a suggestion though;)
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: what would be nice - 04/14/04 12:30 PM

We have a games section, through the board, of flash games...
Posted By: weeve

Re: what would be nice - 04/15/04 05:19 AM

that's what I'm talking about giz:)
open=options. Multi player options for a flash game or two or 5 heh. Being able to have a server type deal-e-o for people to be able to play games with each other. I love the ninja games, the ant ppl game, and battle ship. But Like on I can play battle ship with a friend:) What about playing with ugn friends?

If we had a client server poker/chess game matrices there, we could use that for ugn chess league, and ugn poker league lar. Which we already have. But it was more so just a call for more then single player games:)

Also I thought since movies/shows are a big part of our world, that having a section on the board for that would be good. I'd be glad to staff it for you, as I'm POSITIVE many others would. Heh movies are addictive as are shows(stargate? roswell? giz? laugh )

I dunno I got in the games section, and thought ya know if admins could see who was playing what, then you could like come in to a game section, and be all "eh weeve, lets play".

Or if ppl went to the ugn irc, they could take in channel #games, and tell each other's connecting names for the games that are multi player(that is..if server/client was not used. which for real you got to much to deal with as does sr/others to watch more [censored].

So just a connecting type thing. I'm sure there are multi player flash games, I'm sure I'll get some for you if you want. Just ideas really =]

I know what the games section is about, how it works. I listened to what you said on it even:) That's why I said somethings in this reply I just did. All just helpful ideas, if ever used or not, from my bored mind.
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