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An idea

Posted By: Le4rner

An idea - 05/05/02 02:05 AM

Frame the BBS page. Not sure if you can.(not familar with UBB) and in lower half put the IRC clent. so peeps and surfe the board and be in IRC at the same time.

Get Gizzy to check his e-mail. that is another idea. :p
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: An idea - 05/05/02 02:01 PM

If you'd email me i'd respond, you post notices to me via the ubb lol...

I can frame it, but i dont want to, not too many people want it framed heh..
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: An idea - 05/07/02 07:52 PM

w00t! Who we framing? I didn't shoot them, him he did... NO I WAS FRAMED!!! HE's FRAMINING THE BBS! Ahhh! HE DID IT! Rubb a dubb in the ubb! No framing here!

that was a random one wasn't it?
Posted By: Crime

Re: An idea - 05/07/02 10:26 PM

i ****ing sware to god, if you dont stop posting usless ****, you are gonna be banned from using the board, k hKzKnight ?
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: An idea - 05/08/02 01:36 AM

It's my nature... I still got my part in here
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