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Google Toolbar

Posted By: Artic Warrior

Google Toolbar - 11/07/05 01:32 PM

Who here uses Google toolbar?
I find the spell check on it handy but I thought it had the capability of finding the definition to a word once highlighted. At least they have a pop up blocker which I am yet to test.

I would have to say FireFox is still better then IE (even with the toolbar) but I'm glad Google brought one out since I expect them to continue to upgrade and come up with improved user friendly programing.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Google Toolbar - 11/07/05 08:12 PM

I use the GoogleToolbar for every IE instance in this house; for FireFox I use GoogleBar which is a 3rd party plugin, I don't like Google's "official" bar for FireFox...
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