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public discourse

Posted By: frank

public discourse - 01/11/06 10:57 PM

this is in response to:
since this is my brithday thread i'm closing it.
I will not tolerate U2. they suck and they're an 80's band... nuff said

so lets assess why we should have discourse round here:

1. what is wrong with U2 ... no one has answered that topic yet
2. just b/c its your bday thread ... so what
3. U2 sucks ... what bands do you think are good, and why? have they sold more albums than U2? why does U2 actually suck? do you have any real reasoning behind that statement?
4. 80s band. Wrong in many ways. a. they started in 76. b. they have been performing for the past 30 years. c. they became big in 1987/1991. d. what bands do you listen to that are so much newer (and are actually good bands), e. what bands do you think are good/have withstood the test of time?, f. does led zeppelin count as an 80s band? U2 played only a 1/3 of their time in the 80s .. led zeppelin played about the same amount of time in the 80s ... but they are not classified as an 80s band
Posted By: paulpierce34

Re: public discourse - 01/11/06 11:02 PM

Hey, thanks frank for representin my homeboys here in Dublin. I have to agree, although I hope that this doesn't start a huge argument. Perhaps just some healthy debate?

You also have to remember that U2 are still considered by many (Rolling Stone, etc.) to be the biggest band in the world. Very rarely seen (if at all) for band members all in their mid-40s. Still winning Grammys, People's Choice awards, etc. for their music to this day. Even if you don't respect them for whatever, you have to give props to that aspect of their musical careers.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: public discourse - 01/11/06 11:06 PM

For note since that thread was started for ME i have every right to close said ost if it gets stupid and the last time someone brought up U2 here a war almost started between a punk and all of us moderators. i also have evry right in the world to say they suck. i dont have to like them or their music just like i dont have to like you.

now if you dont like me closing a thread that was ment to say happy brithday to icemyst (yet again that is ME). then blow off and dont start new threads to [censored] about other ones being closed.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: public discourse - 01/12/06 01:31 AM

This is just sad,


Are bot from Verizon in boston, both the same person. I guess he couldn't get enough boner fans to join his cause so he felt the need to support himself. Well when you are supporting your own [censored] with your own hand tonight because you can't get a girl, think of what an idiot you made of yourself on here and how we saw through your bullshit.
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