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New America

Posted by: Defcon

New America - 11/14/04 05:00 AM

I was checkin out b0g when I came across this image,

Now this got me wondering, think something like that would happen, where the US may have to change because of conflicting Values or because we want California to be a sideburn like thing?
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: New America - 11/14/04 05:58 AM

we don't want california, but you can have texas! :x...
Posted by: unreal

Re: New America - 11/14/04 07:29 AM

I move to vote that UGN will officially use the word "Jesusland" to describe the GOP states from the '04 election.

Oh, and that Deffy runs for President in '16.

Anyone second my motion?
Posted by: Defcon

Re: New America - 11/14/04 07:33 AM

President or Prime Minister
Posted by: §intå×

Re: New America - 11/14/04 08:44 PM


*snickers* that is awsome. Although florida would have to be Cuban land
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