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Posted By: Kawarami

Medicine - 10/28/03 11:11 AM

In 1859 Charles Darwin published a book entitled The Origin of Species. Darwin maintained that the various species of plants and animals as we know them were not originally created in their present form. He said that they gradually "evolved" from very simple forms of life. Every plant and animal endeavors to live and reproduce its kind; but more individuals are born than can find proper nourishment. The result is a "struggle for existence" in which the strongest shove aside or destroy the weak.
Perhaps modern medicine is a hindrance to natural law.

For von Treitschke: Is our age the age of iron; and if the strong vanquish the weak, is it the law of life?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Medicine - 10/28/03 12:48 PM

wouldn't modern medicine be part of humans' evolution. we have adapted to defeat and treat illnesses until our bodies can defend themselves. whereas animals and plants are below us on the evolutionary scale and therefore cannot treat themselves for anything that their internal makeup cannot defend.
Posted By: Drake

Re: Medicine - 10/28/03 04:58 PM

the "struggle for existence" started being hindered with the creation of conscience. people who would never have added their particular brand of genes to the gene pool do because of the fact that we're no longer just "struggling for existence." conscience makes life more than just existence. so, now instead of just einsteins and muscle bound giants who would have out-struggled everybody, we have jerry springer.
Posted By: Drake

Re: Medicine - 10/28/03 05:00 PM

just like to correct one thing. i meant birth of conscience. not creation.
Posted By: Kawarami

Re: Medicine - 10/28/03 09:31 PM

I have asthma. I should not be alive right now. There are more people with asthma in the world than there ever was in human history. Why? Asthma treatment. If those with asthma were left to die, no one in the future would have asthma. Is not this detrimental to the human gene pool?
Posted By: ?

Re: Medicine - 10/29/03 02:54 AM

Drake: I don't understand your point. Conscience just means that you are alive and aware of your action. Every animal has a conscience. They protect their babies and they kill only when they have to, for food. I guess what you are tryin to say is that we don't have to rely on strenght and intelligence that much anymore to stay alive. But we as people have evolved too far to be thinking in terms of animals. Human survival, at least in this society, is measured by the amount of success and happyness you achieve in ife. In psychology you will learn about the different levels of human needs. At the very bottom of that is food and shelter. This is the one we had to worry abour 10,000 years ago. That is the level animals worry about. From there you go into the levels of where you have to feel loved, feel wanted, and be part of a community of people like you. Which is why most of you are on this web-board and in IRC talkin to other kids with the same interest. blah blah, I jus got a phonecall an now I don't know what I was thinkin. [censored] it, I'll write some more later.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Medicine - 10/29/03 03:08 AM

Kawarami, if you feel you're detrimental to the gene pool, go ahead and remove yourself. Do it in a clever way (but make it look stupid, because you don't get one by being clever) and you can win a Darwin Award .

But no, having asthma is no longer detrimental to the gene pool. Due to medicine, asthma is no longer a factor in whether you're strong enough to survive or not. Though it's a bit of a limitation for you, it's not a debilitating condition. AIDS, on the other hand, still doesn't have a cure, so that's detrimental to the human gene pool. However, it's only a matter of time before that's no longer the case. Medicine is our evolution, as Infinite said. We've adapted to become stronger, and make our imperfections irrelevant to the "struggle for survival."
Posted By: Kawarami

Re: Medicine - 10/29/03 09:43 AM

I understand that point now. It makes sense. Why would I remove myself from the gene pool?
Posted By: Drake

Re: Medicine - 10/29/03 02:38 PM

maybe conscience isn't the right word. but my point is we, as a species, no longer choose our mates for the benefit of our species. men and women don't always pick the smartest or strongest. because of our emotions, the theory of evolution doesn't work anymore. two male tigers get in a fight, tiger a loses. the tigress doesn't yell at tiger b for being a bully and take tiger a back to her cave while licking his wounds and end up mating with him. even if tiger a really was asking for a fight and threw the first punch and you were trying to talk him out of it and you really kicked his [censored] good.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: Medicine - 10/30/03 07:45 AM

i agree with Kawarami. ppl with aids for example shouldnt reproduce, if we did that then in a few generations aids would be no longer. aids is also evolving and can become to the suppressive drugs in the body, so "survival of the fittest" will we win or will aids?
same story for [censored] cockroaches......
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