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Hurricane Free Loaders

Posted By: Spyrios

Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 01:09 AM

OK, I get it, New Orleans and the gulf coast is still wrecked by Katrina, but I have been hearing thses stories about the 12,000 people that the government has stopped paying for hotel rooms for and instead gave $1,800 rental assistance checks to. These people are crying that the government hasn't done enough to help. Bull. It's been six months people. 6 months is a long time to realize that "Hey, I have no permanent home and I am broke"

One of these families I read about has been staying at a hotel, it is a 35 year old mother with 8 children and grandchildren ranging in age from 5 months to 18 years old. And she hasn't found a job and thinks that we should be footing the bill. WTF. Does this piss anyone off but me?

It is time to get rid of the welfare culture that has been bred into certain groups in this country. Now may be the time to do it. Maybe this will be the wake up call that this group of people need to realize taht in the real world if you want something you work and make money to pay for it.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 02:49 AM

:raises hand: I'm pissed about this bullshit too... I have been since month #2 which was the FIRST TIME they said they where going to stop paying but there was such an "uproar" that it was continued (thanks to Oprah, she had some huge thing about all her fellow "colored" people on her show and magically this got extended due to "a large public outcry")...

These people wrne't just transplanted to random places, they where put in places of high need of people for job's, it's their choice that they decided not to look for one; let alone send their 14 year old + kids out to look for one...

I'm tired of this bullshit, especially these spicks who jump the boarder, in the wellfare office there are signs which state "If you are a non-english speaking immagrent please let us know for expedited emergency foodstamps!" yet I've paid into the [censored] program for years and they sit and [censored] that i made too much when i was working and don't qualify for certain benefits...

Then theres all these blacks on welfare with 30 children, why? because no where they live wnat to hire them because of crime.... and who's doing these crimes? their [censored] children because they're in a hell hole and all they want to do is make things worse...

They need to have a federal castration plan...
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 02:56 AM

Does anyone else find it ironic that doctors, lawyers, programmers ahve to pay to get pregnant while the underclass seems to have no problem?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 05:12 AM

We had a few unsuccuessful try's at it, so it does seem that way... Ditto goes for a few of my forum buddies at other sites...

It's quite odd that middle/upper class have such problems, when low can get it done quite easily...
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 05:23 AM

that's cause they want kids on a scedual. how many of us underclass plan on the exact time for having a kid? i know giz and i didnt...

what really gets me though are those women who have a kid every 5 years just so they can stay on welfare, wic, foodstamps... [censored] bastards!
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 01:11 PM

well, I actually have planned my boys out on a schedule, but for deployment reasons.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/14/06 05:18 PM

I am pissed about this, but dissagree about why these women have so many babies. It is a fact women who are not educated have more children. This was a fact before welfare ever existed. Women who are educated and have careers tend to have less children and have them later in life.

Every race has been this way. The biggest right now is hispanic. The women have more children than blacks. But Black women are now more educated than hispanics. If you want to control how many children a race has, educate the women. If she feels she has more choices she will usally wait on child rearing.

Japan for example is droping in population. That is a highly educated population. Many middle eastern(non welfare) countries women have up 13, 14, 15, and more children.

Oh one of the reasons we pay welfare is it is good for the economy to have a cheap stupid labor force.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/15/06 01:44 AM

Ok, now I'm really pissed off... I'm watching the news, and they're all "90% have already recieved their rental assistance checks totaling about $800 on average, only the thing is that there are only 3 complexes in New Orleans catering at this price"...

I'm sorry, they are RENTAL ASSISTANCE checks, they are not "you can live on the government free" checks, they are ment to help you [censored] idiots make your rent, not pay the entire thing...

And these dicks who get these free trailer houses are bitching that they don't have hot water or gas for free in their trailer, yet they have a brand new trailer house for free, still stickers on the brand new appliances; boo [censored] hoo, pay to have your gas hooked up with the [censored] $800 check they're giving you you stupid whiney son of a [censored]...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 02/15/06 04:22 AM

Oh, also, these "freeloaders" who are unable to rip off he government any further by staying in these hotels, and who are still collecting this $800 or so housing credit, are staying in homeless shelters... Yes, that's right, being paid $800/mo AND living in a shelter for free...
Posted By: AccessDenied

Re: Hurricane Free Loaders - 04/07/06 11:22 PM

These people really are [censored] nuts. I had family around there, they've already rebuilt their house from the frame up and are running off of propane. It doesn't take much to get up and going again. It's the laziness today, everyone wants everything without doing anything. While I think the gov't should've pulled off a lot of the help sooner, there are a few points to clear up. You get the check or the trailer, not both. The shelter charge $200/month. The thing that really gets me pissed off though is the fact these people bitching about money aren't even trying for jobs. EVERY business is hiring in N.O. right now. Burger king will START you off at $12/hour, plus $500/month bonus just for working there. That's the LOWEST paying job. The wages before the storm at burger king was the minimum 5.15/hour. I honestly wish there would've been a lot more bodies found and a lot less people bitching about money.
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