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Posted By: spacecruiser

moderates - 10/25/04 05:38 AM

what can those of us do who think the democrats are to liberal and the Republicans are to conservative there ain't a real moderate on the ballot this year to my knowledge if there is let me know
Posted By: jonconley

Re: moderates - 10/25/04 09:24 AM

Have you checked out the Libertarian party? and you can look at all their issues and positions here
Posted By: Defcon

Re: moderates - 10/25/04 09:38 PM

Libertarian is a great third party and does have it's act together, but I still feel the approach is wrong. A Libertarian President (if somehow elected) couldn't do anything because the Supreme Court and Congress can block anything they wanna do. Yes I know in this election 3 (I think) Supreme Court seats are up for grabs and the President can assign who they want... as long as Congress approves. Checks and Balances man, gotta love it though it's not much of a balance since the Dems and Reps might not like anything the Libertarian wants to do. This will cause the presidency to fail unless the pres buckles down to Partisan ways and kisses someone's [censored]. Could set the party back a few decades.
I still advocate getting independants and Libertarians into office but lets start with the support layer.. School Boards, Town Counicils, Mayors, Sherrifs, State Senators (if applicable) and Governors. At the same time try to find disgruntaled Dems and Reps and woo them to our cause. Just my way of thinking Jon, no insult ment.
Posted By: spacecruiser

Re: moderates - 10/26/04 01:29 AM

thanks for that bit of information I will check them out but from the brief look at they're web site I can't tell but they sound more liberal than the dems I am looking for something more centered on the issues

like I said I will take a look but if there is something els as well I will look there to
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