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Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?)

Posted By: Gremelin

Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 05/19/03 01:55 AM

Well, what do you think? Was it good or bad? What was your favorite part? How would you compaire it to the original? Is it looking up or down for the next episode? Post your comments...
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 05/19/03 12:22 PM

In my opinion the second was not as good as the first. In the first movie you had the mystery effect. It was a new idea, that the entire reality is merely a computer simulation, a virtual reality, where everybody is a bunch of batteries for machines. That is one tight concept, and it got sweeter with the knowledge that you can manipulate the system and have special powers and get new information uploaded into your brains. It filled your mind with possibilities. Other major pluses were the special effects and fight scenes.

The second one picked up where the other left off. Unfortunately the idea of a matrix is no longer new, so you've lost that lovin' feeling. However, matrix 2 tried to make up for it by making there special effects even cooler, and there fight scenes even more extreme - which they did rather remarkably. For that alone it makes this movie a must see. However, there was still some "new ideas" that once again forces you to think about things in a new way, as well as changed circumstances that open you up to even more possibilities. Especially at the end when neo does his unexpected *place spoiler here*... That makes the 3rd one promising to be as good as the 1st.

So in conclusion, the first matrix is better, but ONLY because it introduced a new idea that is a great mind teaser. However, matrix 2 is nearly as good for it's extreme action and effects, and the introduction of more mind teasers near the end. Matrix 3 looks to be as good as the first one for it's new possibilities.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 05/19/03 10:56 PM

The new matrix is a pretty badass film however not as good as the first. Also it had some gaps in the story, but it was c00.
Posted By: Drake

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 05/20/03 04:44 AM

I thought the sex scene was horrible. There was absoulutly no need for that. Didn't mesh with the rest of the movie at all. I think that 99 percent of the people viewing taht are smart enough to figure out for themselves that Neo and Trinity are gonna be gettin it on, so the implication was enough. That was the only problem I had with it. Other than that, I thought it was awesome.

Yeah, the newness of it is gone, but adding all the rogue agents and programs and stuff mamkes it a idea with depth now, instead of the 2-D idea we had before. Man vs Machine. Now it's Man vs Machine vs Machine. I thought it was sic.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 05/21/03 09:48 PM

bout the sex scene....i was reading something maybe on, i dunno. not about to find the link. anyways, neos soposedly soposed to represent jesus or something and the sex sceen was under an arch, thus making it a symbol of some sort from the bible somewhere. not the most knowlegable, but that should sorta explain it.<warning, small spoiler next 2 lines> it wouldnt have been so bad if trinity showed a little more skin.("check out the plugs on her!") regardless, the movie was still the ultimate [censored]. if you havent seen it 45 times yet you either suck or your broke like me. neo kicks [censored] and everything else. 100000000000000000<-that many thumbs up :-D
Posted By: Chem

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 05/24/03 01:01 AM

I just got back from watching the matrix, I went to an afternoon showing so their was less than 20 people watching the movie.
I have to say I enjoyed it, and the whole backdoor thing was beautiful But I was pretty let down in the fight scene between Neo and all the agent Smiths. You could clearly see when it was CGI and real, especially neo’s cape, I guess my expectations for cgi textures are a little too high, but honestly, I think they could have made that scene quite a bit more realistic.
All in all I really enjoyed it.
Posted By: Norsca

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 08/16/03 09:59 AM

That is the best review I have seen for this movie, and it explains a lot of the "crappy" scenes that many people did not think fit.

Amazing that the Brothers Wachowski actually put all of this into this series, and almost 95% of the people watching it probably completly missed this stuff, yet still loved the movie for other reasons. To bad I didn't notice any of this until I read this review.
Posted By: MESELF

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 09/14/03 04:39 PM

As a sequel, I think it was an awesome movie, but it wasn't as good as the first one. Sequels are rarely as good as the first. Take star wars for example. The first three movies (4,5,6 i believe?) 4 was pretty good, 5 was not so good compared to 4, and 6 was awesome. But The Matrix Reloade was really good in my mind. The only scene that confused me was Neo stopping the sentinels in the canal. anyone else stuck on this? i've read many theories, but almost all of them involve "dual matrices" where the "real world" is just another matrix which Neo and Morpheous have not found out how to break. I think maybe (remember the first movie when he was in training) his brain is making his powers real in the "real" world. hmm.... Oh, and Chem, I don't think that fight scene was supposed to be that realistic, thats why they had to use cgi smile . There were lots of new ideas in the Matrix Reloaded, you just had to pay attention to catch them. Like, the Architect for one. That's pretty sweet if you think about it. The Architect is a computer program that rewrites the entire matrix and destroys Zion once every so many years or whatever. and he rewrites himself as well. Oh and if you notice when you go back and watch the first one again. There is a scene where the camera slowly zooms into a room with the door open, and you see a wall covered in tv screens with neo fighting on it or something like that. The Architect was watching Neo from the beginning! because he knew that Neo was "the one". well,thats my take on it anyway.
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 09/15/03 09:34 AM

absolute garbage. I loved the first movie. I felt this one played itself out by borrowing effects and stunts from the first one. Sure awesome effects. Beyond that the story plot and tone itself of the movie sucked. Highly disapointed in what I thought was going to be a kickass movie. Solid waste of time.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 09/16/03 06:22 AM

I just saw it a few days ago.

It kicks soooooooooooooooooooooo much [censored].
Posted By: Coleman

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 09/17/03 08:19 AM

I think that if u liked the first one then the second one u should like more because it goes on with the story (witch i think is awsome) i have to see the third one becaus i want to see how the story ends, and some people said the second one had a bad ending, well they can goto hell because thats stupid, nobody (i think) said the very first star wars sucked, because they liked the story and wanted to see what happended next, so if u say matrix reloaded sucked just because u need to no what happens, theu u ursekf suck.
Posted By: Red Mage

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/28/03 08:25 AM

It was sweet! Sure, not as good as the first, but how do you make something as good as the Matrix? I thought it was really good, especially as a sequel. Strangely enough, I liked the ending, and I thought it ended at a good place. Why do people hate the ending?
Posted By: Drake

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/28/03 06:10 PM

i thought that him being able to stop the sentinals had something to do with smith overwriting someting inside of him when he tried to copy into him. when neo shot into smith, it turned smith into something more. y couldn't smith shooting into neo turn him into somethin more also?
Posted By: MELAO

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/28/03 07:26 PM

i didn't watch it at all,because the second feels strange and uncomfortable comparing with the first.
Posted By: Kawarami

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/28/03 09:33 PM

Too much action (way too much) and not enough philosophical depth that audiences loved in the first movie. The third, I hope, will not dissappoint me. There are many questions that need to be answered.
Posted By: ?

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/29/03 02:37 AM

I jus have a comment about the movie. When I watche it at the movies and we came to the part with the architect everybody in the place jus went "HUH???" It was so funny, after the architect gave his little speech you could her people whisperin, askin questions and others tryin to explain it to them, one guy in front of me even got up and said "What the [censored] did he say?". it was pretty funny.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/29/03 03:10 AM

I think the second was better. And there was plenty of philosophical depth. The first presented a foundation, and the second extended those questions, and provided some illumination towards possible answers. The final one will just finish it up, and I can't wait.
Posted By: MELAO

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 10/29/03 06:23 PM

The third?oh,no.but if it sounds better,i am getting it.

ok.let's look forward to it.
Posted By: Disgruntled

Re: Matrix 2: (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?) - 11/10/03 04:16 AM

Thought is was great, even if it had strong biblical overtones.
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