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homosexuality in the class room

Posted By: Drake

homosexuality in the class room - 03/17/04 03:28 AM

I'm a freshman in college and I'm taking English 100 right now. I was expecting a rather pointless GE class that I had to take for the mere reason that it's a prerequiste for much of the higher level courses. However, I was not expecting what I got. My teacher's a homosexual, which is his business, and when he announced it to the class, I was rather suprised and wondered why that would matter to us at all. His sexual prefrence didn't matter to me in the slightest. In the weeks to come, I realized why he told us. The entire class is structred around homosexuality. The list of books we were able to choose from were almost all about homosexual teenagers or something along those lines. I say most becuase there were a couple about pedefiles in there as well. The movie we watched in class had blatant homosexuality laced throughout the entire movie. There was a very graphic scene where two men made out. Do you think it's right (or morol or ethical or whatever) for this teacher to use a GE class that has nothing to do with homosexuality in this way?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/17/04 05:39 AM

I'm not against anyone who's gay, or anyone who is straight; what you do in the privacy of your life is your own business... However, don't make it anyone elses business! It's kinda like bible thumpers, only a little more distrubing to those who just could care less...
Posted By: Mornse

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/17/04 06:56 AM

I think it's fine to put it in the class as long as it doesn't interfere with other things. Like if you are supposed to cover certain things so you have what you need to know for the other courses, and then on top of that he wants to add in content about homosexuality and talk about it and stuff, that's cool, why not? It's always good to learn about new things. But if it took away from other things you were supposed to be learning, then it's not very good in my opinion.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/17/04 07:04 AM

Well, I find it discusting... Not that it's about homosexuality however...

See, how teachers do their courses is, they choose a topic and build their course on it, they can have it on any subject so long as it's focused. They can do it on anything from Poetry to great works of art, even homosexuality.

Now, their not allowed to have it on religion or straight sexuality, however they can have it on gay sexuality which i feel shouldn't be allowed. They should be banned from discussing any type of sexuality as it's basically the same as talking about religion or race, it's basically being racist and making certain people feel outcasted instead of wanted...

I mean if i was a gay guy and I was in an english class where they were talking about male strip clubs and bible's (what a combo) i'd feel extremely uncomfortable, as the straight guys are in the gay discussion class...
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/17/04 11:10 AM

Lets leave homosexuality to a higher up class than a 100, or heck even stick to more traditional themes for GE's.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/17/04 01:25 PM

I still find it amusing that the onlyway that they can teach a class on GOD is if it's a specialty class yet a general english (a required course at that) shoves what they believe is right in your face; it's just [censored] up...
Posted By: dashocker

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/19/04 05:49 AM

Structuring a basic English class around homosexuality is just as bad as structuring it around GOD, racism, or whatever the hell other objectionable thing you can think of. There should be some sort of basic curriculum for this class that needs to be followed (like reading Shakespeare or something). Talk to an administrator about it and see what you can do. It's just someone shoving their way of life in your face which is about the most annoying thing ever.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/19/04 12:19 PM

the thing is, without having a class that hits those topics it would be very boring and dry. Even shakespear has love/sex in it. I think you should be allowed to read stories containing these topics, but you should also be allowed to express your honest opinions. If you feel homosexuality is the bane of society, you should be able to say it without repercussion, or at least write about it without repurcussion. If classes become to heavily baised pro or con towards a topic you should have the right to complain. After all the class is english not ethics.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/20/04 04:17 AM

I think when he is focusing on such a small type of issue, it seems to be depriving the students of learning the curriculum that they have signed up for.

If you want an entire english class devoted to any one subject or theme, then you usually take a special class or more advanced class on that.

Whereas it probably isn't illegal, it does sound like it is very unprofessional. I had a math teacher pushing civil rights and racism issues on us all the time. I honestly didn't mind it, but did not agree with using his public position as a teacher to push his political views on people.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 03/21/04 03:09 AM

But is it really fair to go into college saying yes you can talk about being gay but you cant talk about being strait or believing in god? honestly a in my eyes a teacher can talk about what ever he wants, if the students have issues with it they need to talk to the higher-ups at the college and state that it conflicts with moral or religion ethics or even protest it. but i think it's really [censored] up how you can do one thing but not the other. it's like on tv, you can say [censored] as many times as you want but you cant say [censored] even if you're refering to poop. you can even say [censored] 90% of the time with out it being cencored...
Posted By: ryandaley

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 04/14/04 08:31 AM

Something I don't get is how these people feel like they have to proclaim to the world that they're gay. I mean, I'm straight and I don't boycott companies who hire homos, go to stright marches, and feel the need to let every other person I come in contact with that I'm a heterosexual. Another thing, why do all of these people keep proclaiming all they want is equal rights? Because they really don't. This is why. As of right now, you, I, and every other person in the United States and the world has the option to marry a woman if you're a man, and women to marray a man. Now, what they're pushing for is to marry a member of their own sex and have exactly the same rights and everything. Now here's the thing, they have the EXACT rights to marry an opposite gender. I rest my case.
Posted By: weeve

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 04/14/04 11:40 AM

well I for one don't give a [censored] either way. I do believe it to be bias to except to use a mainstream view of any kind to bind a simple class, like for explain structure it around ginsberg. He was gay, a poet, and thus english glass starts. But yea I think about it like most hold back saying anything because questiong gay rights today is like questioning christ's crucifixion 2000 years ago. If people want equal rights, in ANYTHING, they should give equal rights in sharing a pool of knowledge. Not getting personal, and physically intwined in something so simple as a english class. Of course the curriculum is the teacher's choice. So like Sam put it, go protest it for whatever reason if you don't like it, shutting up is wrong. Not voicing your beliefs, your orientation, and your rights make it easy for anyone to bash on them.

In sort this is all I feel I'll say on this so far.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: homosexuality in the class room - 04/14/04 12:30 PM

I'm just pissed and fead up that they want everyone to know their gay; who cares.
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