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War in Iraq...

Posted By: insilenceiwin

War in Iraq... - 09/18/04 04:21 AM

Im not quite sure of this.... but my government teacher had said this is one reason we might be in iraq... The government borrows money from huge [censored] corporations which is why we have the national debt, but at the end of Clinton's term we had an extra 300 billion or so. This means that we werent borrowing as much money from the huge [censored] corporations and they were losing money, so they put pressure on the government to go to war because we would then have to borrow more money from them, giving them more money. I think that's the basic idea... Tell me what you think about it.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: War in Iraq... - 09/18/04 04:49 AM

What? Your government teacher actually told you that? I'm sure you could research it easily, but the gov't doesen't borrow money from "huge [censored] corporations." We spend more many than we bring in. Organizations like the World Bank and others loan money, but it isn't a corporation - like Haliburton, for example. Though it is true that Haliburton was granted uncontested reconstruction contracts and such. The reason why we went to war could be anything. Who knows?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: War in Iraq... - 09/18/04 05:21 AM

Bush wasn't gettin any, so we decided to shove some nukes up some iraqi's asses...
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