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xb-360, PS3, nes revolution

Posted By: §intå×

xb-360, PS3, nes revolution - 11/21/05 09:15 PM

What are you going to want hooked to your TV and why. What system do you think will dominate.

Personaly I think the PS3 will move a head of the 360. The 360 last I checked was most likely NOT going to be backward compatable, had less games to play, sue thier customers more for mods, and had falty power cords that could cause fires.

The PS3 however is backward compatable, will support high def, blue wave DVD, regular DVD, and just might have another Linux dev kit come out for it for $99 like last time.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: xb-360, PS3, nes revolution - 11/22/05 02:28 AM

I do like the XBox for some games and features, likely we'll EVENTUALLY have one...

I have always loved Nintendo, Mario and Zelda will forever pwn my soul... Someday I will make the leap back into the loving arms of Nintendo, someday...

However, I've been a huge fan of Sony for quite some time with their products and if I'd have to choose it'd be the PS3...

YET! Whichever system supports the next wave of Final Fantasy, it will win my vote... At this point it looks like it's going to be the XBox though...
Posted By: LeviMrJeans

Re: xb-360, PS3, nes revolution - 12/31/05 07:37 PM

I wish I had the income to put down $500 plus on a system with the games and everything. I'm chillin' out on my snes and n64 until they make an eXistenZ type game or until I can hack reality via sound waves. That's my plan anyway!
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