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How to Disappear?

Posted By: Houdini312004

How to Disappear? - 09/04/03 05:29 AM

Has anyone ever read a spy novel and realized how nice it would be to just take off one day, leave everything behind, and travel the world as a stranger? Taking in cultures, meeting new people, living the life of a spy--well sort wouldn't have to kill anyone. You would just be some anonymous person roaming the world, financial sufficient, meeting people, dazzling women, whatever...the south of France, Instanbul, Amsterdam, etc.

So my question for this forum is: What would it take to do just this? Obviously, if one wanted to be truly anon, they would need a fake identity? Can these truly be bought/created or is this more the work of fiction? (BTW, this would be the only forseeable law that would have to be broken, well, and each successive time the ident was used...but for academic sake, can it be done?)

Money? Would need a lot....

Intelligence: speak multiple languages, understand culture, discipline not to blow all your money on that 5 star hotel in Venice...

Can it be done?

I don't ask because I am a criminal or have to run for any reason...Nothing is farther from the truth...I actually have a good life...but I read a lot...including fiction...and I am intrigued by the powers of being anonymous, roaming the world, exploring, learning, discovering, the true hacker spirit....of course, I would take my laptop along...with all the free access through out the world, I would need to get my fix every few days (or hours)...

Any thoughts?

Posted By: unreal

Re: How to Disappear? - 09/04/03 05:58 AM

Spies don't really live that life. You watch too many Bond movies. Oh, and moved to Off Topic.
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