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Posted By: HighLander

Afghanistan - 01/27/04 08:48 PM

Little of the path of computers, but as this is the Off-Topic Forum, there's not a better place.

What do you guys think of whatz going on there, thousands of soliders from all different countries, sorting out the country, Including over 2000 from Canada.

You try to help these ppl and the following is what you get......

CDN Solider Killed and 3 Injured by Suicide Bomber....

THis just happened this morning, and they were all good friends of mine, I was working with the QRF (Quick Response Force) when it happeded and was called to the scene, now I realize that this is only the action of one person, but alot of ppl are the same, you see them when you drive through the street, throwing rocks at you, shooting you with fake guns.

Now I relize that this is there country, but they can not sort there own [censored] out, so it takes others to do it for them, and the respect we get is Zero....

ANyway I am rambling, just curious to see other ppl's outlook or points on it..........

*looking back at this post, I guess it actually belongs in Debates and Rants......My bad*
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Afghanistan - 01/28/04 09:04 AM

I think it's sad that so many country's are trying to help middle eastern countries and they complain that we're trying to take over their countries and then send suiside bombers after solidgers in hopes of killing them when all the solidgers are doing is what their countries ordered them to do. but at the same time do we have the right to go into their countries and run them till they get their acts together cause their too [censored] stupid to do it themselves. you know they get off on take usa's, canada's, england's and whoever the [censored] else dontes money to them...
Posted By: weeve

Re: Afghanistan - 02/23/04 09:37 PM

my only response:(
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