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good = bad, bad = good

Posted By: Gollum

good = bad, bad = good - 02/06/04 10:10 AM

this may not be a debate or rant, but maybe more off-topic. anyway, i figure it asks for opinions, so it might very well suit this topic. anyway. i was curious why people think the way they do when it comes to the government. what i mean, is why is it, when say, the president (not just bush, this goes for most of them) or almost anyone in the government, and even any politician, does something good, we need to find something bad about them or what they did? obviously i'm bringing this up rigth now mostly b/c of bush. everytime he does something good, people have to ignore it, and just say "well he did this" or "but he did that" just to counter the if they are trying to resist the fact that he has done something good. i think this can be said for almost any politician. now granted, under most circumstances, i wouldn't trust a politician as far as i could throw him or her. (note: that rule doesn't apply to gary coleman, if he were elected governor of calif. as i imagine i could throw him a fair distance, but sitll wouldnt' trust him) but when i hear that someone has done something good, i dont' immediately try to think of why i hate him or her just to discredit them in my mind. most of this type of thinking can be found in conspiracy theorists, who some of them would rather make up elaborate stories about something as opposed to accept the truth.
err, i forgot where i was going with this, lol. oh yes. i'm just saying, there have been many times in my life where i'll be talking to someone, and mention the fact that bush HAS in fact done a good deed or two in his term and their reply will just be "well yeah, but i hate him and he sucks" or blame him for the poor econmony, which is doing fine, despite what some ppl would have you think. (which that bothers me on a whoel separate level. where, if the economy is actually doing good, but all you hear about it is how it's still horrible...are you gonna wanna invent into an economy which so many ppl are saying is unstable? probably not, and thus it makes it worse. so i find it pretty amazing that even with all these ppl bashing it, the stock market has come back as far as it has.) and the downness(?) we had was b/c of clinton (blah blah, lol, i know i've said it b4.) but where was i getting to? yes yes, but when we hear something bad, like, oh he screwed up here, look at this, he looks like a chmp, lol...etc..etc...we hardly question it. or at least it seems to me that most ppl don't. maybe i'm alone on this, but it seems to me that ppl prefer to hear bad things about the government as opposed to good things. even if they'd prefer good things to be happenings. i know that bush has done some stupid things, and some thigns that i don't really like at all. but i see those things, and i say, "ok, he screwed up." and even though i come off this way on the board, i don't mean to sound like im trying to discredit every bad thing he does. well yes, i guess this turned into a rant. lol, i'll shut up now. the point of this was basically to find out. do you prefer to hear bad thigns about the government because it's it's easier to deal with, or more interesting? would you prefer to hear good things? but, to clarify my position. i've always been one of those ppl who when i hear something good about the government, i like to hear it. but part of me is always more interested in the truth, and it's hard for me to believe everything good as i'd be afraid of being brainwashed into some "i luv big daddy" guy. but what i've learned lately, is that for every good thing you hear, there's a bad thing. and equal amounts of those could be false. gah, lol. sorry i wrote so much. i always end up making this huge long post, instead of putting up a simple question. ah, i'll bold the important part.//
Posted By: dashocker

Re: good = bad, bad = good - 02/07/04 06:33 AM

We don't choose what we hear, the media does. And the media reports around 90% bad news, if not more. Sure I'd like to hear some good things Bush is doing for the country (or any politcian, etc.), but I'D LIKE TO SEE THEM being done. I'd like to see positive changes taking place rather than being told they're going to happen. Bottom line: most people don't have an informed opinion anyway, so they just go off what the news people have deemed worthy, and what they see going on around them. It's also much harder to make a huge, positive contribution to society than it is to make a negative one. That is why Presidents such as Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, etc. stick in our minds a lot more than say...Chester A. Arthur. Things like a President getting head in the Oval Office are also more interesting laugh
Posted By: weeve

Re: good = bad, bad = good - 02/23/04 09:29 PM

more politics, and bush lmao. Dood liek, bro gollum. There are no good or bad people, just good or bad, that's generally everything. But then of course if we were to get scientific this could get really long winded, and complex. But the fact is that it's all perception, something we have to deal with in the time we live in, when it's not even really dealing because were so [censored] bored with life we have nothing else to do. Like generations before us had masses to do.
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