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That one song, what was it!

Posted By: weeve

That one song, what was it! - 04/28/04 12:13 AM

I KNOW we all have many of them. The one in my head right now was first heard on a Listerine ad, with a George of the jungle type of Listerine bottle swinging from vines, and this O E O E O E OOOOOOO OOOOOO OO O E OE OE OE O OOOOOOO O

Like that. heh read slow, try to sing slow. it was the pwn song, and heh I've spent many an hour searching for all kinds of [censored] myself. The last song was Soul Hooligan - Algebra, and the last thing was Bungee from Saturday Morning Cartoons...I believe:)

So here's my throw out on a bomb song I forget. I think it was from a super bowl ad....maybe.

Give your songs, give your things you can't remember, even if it's a book, or a nudy pic or whatever. Even if it's a smell of some food you had years ago, and you can't for the life of you remember it. <Output here> and we'll all try. Memory is hard on all of us, lets give it a whirl shall we? laugh
Posted By: Gollum

Re: That one song, what was it! - 04/28/04 12:11 PM

all i know of this song is that it's weird, and the chorus seems to go something like "You're so metaphysical..." i did know other words to it as well, but ic an't think of them. can't find it on google at all. the only reference i found was a blog, in which the person references the song as "that song that goes 'you're so metaphysical'...but i can't remember the name"
Posted By: weeve

Re: That one song, what was it! - 05/02/04 01:24 PM

tell me if this helps:)

Bill Nelson - Metaphysical (I think it's a album.
Bill Nelson - She's So Metaphysical
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: That one song, what was it! - 05/19/04 09:10 AM

i believe the song you're looking for is "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimore. the chorus is the same anyways. that was a great commercial though.

i'm a dork for knowing that. damn me and my love of 80s music!
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