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9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act

Posted By: §intå×

9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/16/07 08:13 PM

What are your views? I have done months of research on this and I am convinced there is more to 9/11 than we have been told. At the very least I feel the US let it happen. At the worst case they did it. Lets open this up to debate. I will list my facts below. First I will cover coincidences.

  • The Partiot act is known to have been writen before 9/11
  • Jhon O'neil Was the FBI's top Al Qaeda expert. He had warned top officials for months about an impending attack and was shut down after over 50 attempts to get priority put on this topic. He eventualy quit the FBI and started his new job at the WTC on Sept 10. Yes he died the next day.
  • Fire Fighters describe explosions inside the building on various floors to include the basement floors. Also many building residents describe similar explosions after the planes hit.
  • We see a huge fire ball as the plane hits each building. That is obviously jeat fule igniting. There wouldn't be much left to build inside so how did the steel melt?
  • Never before has a sky scraper building fallen due to fire in history. On 9/11 3 fell. A first in history and it happened 3 times.
  • The owner of the WTC complex Larry Silverstein had just bought it 6 months before and made a ton of loot in insurance claims. About 7 billion in profit.
  • Steel mealts at around 2500F or 1379C.
  • Jet fule in perfect conditions burns at 980C (1796F)
  • Typicaly a uncontrolled fall of a building will not fall straight down in a nice pile in its own basement. For the first time in history not one but 3 buildings fell as if it were a controlled demolition. Straight down.
  • The buildings fell faster than the rate of gravity. In other words if you threw a rock off the top of the building and it fell at the same time, the building would have beat the rock to the bottom. How can this be as the building has to fall through it self, and all its supports?
  • Larry Siverstien admits on cammera he made the decision to "pull" building 7. Here atake a look
    Later he recants and says he meant have the people pulled out(building was empty). Whats the big deal if they demoed Building 7? Well think about it. How long does it take to plan and execute a demolition? This all happened on 9/11. So in the wake of all this chos, they went in a building they didn't think was safe planted the demo charges and took it down all in hours? Or maybe the explosions were there before. BTW building 7 was housing much edvidence to later be used in Enron trials and other CEO abuse cases. It was also home to quite a few other government organizations.
  • a Conservative think tank group made up of many persons close to Bush and the Bush cabinet had plans to invade IRAQ long before 9/11. In thier plan they said baring a "Perl harbor event" it would take a long time to get american support.
  • In the 1962 a plan was concieved by the Pentagon to drum up american support for an invasion of cuba. Opperation Northwoods. The plan involved attacks on US civilians, remote controled airliner and terror attacks in US cities. This was rejected by Keneddy.
  • The 5 frames of the video the pentagon released showing the plane crash into the pentagon show no plane.
    [Linked Image]

I do notice a trail of smoke though.
Now look at these...

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

As low as the plane would have had to be why is the lawn so perfect? Why aren't though spools moved? There are other picture before the fire collapsed the wall. At first there was only a 17 ft diameter hole. Where did the wings and engine go? See any debrie in the yard?
Posted By: §intå×

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/16/07 08:23 PM

Oh if you notice on frame 2... everything goes green. I mean the ground the building and there seems to be a light flash in the upper left of the image.

Oh lol can someone please show me the shadow from the huge soot filled smoke cloud? I can't seem to find it.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/20/07 02:52 AM

Jesus no takers?
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/21/07 02:15 AM

What about all the eye witness accounts and if thats not the plane what happened to it?
Posted By: §intå×

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/21/07 03:10 AM

Many Eye Witnesses said they saw a missile. Even better many military officers first on the scene said they smelled cordite (click to learn about cordite). They were heard on the news right away, but never aired again later. You can still find the interviews in google and you tube videos though laugh.

As for the WTC many people running out of the building described secondary explosions on various floors. This includes Fire fighters and police officers. These two were aired right away then never aired again.

One thing that is VERY odd is bomb sniffing dogs were halted from going through WTC a week before the attack. They were made to leave the building abruptly. That is fact.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/21/07 05:56 AM

Quotes on Cordite

Secondary explosions in the news
35 Second video
25 second video
16 Second video
11 min video

Alex Jones tells us on July 25 2001 the government would do this. He had sources in the intelligence department told him to get this out. No one listened.


On the exact same day in 1990 The current Presidents father calls for a new world order. On 9/11/1990


Do not forget no modern large building has ever fallen due to fire in the history of the world. On 9/11/2001 3 fell due to fires that could not have burned hot enough to melt steel. Not only that, one fell that was not even touched by a plane. Building 7. Oh and they all fell perfectly into thier basements. We no longer need to have demolition crews take down buildings. We can simply burn jet fule in them.

Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/23/07 02:46 PM

I don't know, clearly aeroplanes were used to crash into the World trade centres and one crashed on the ground. Why not crash one into the pentagon too. Why risk a missile? Perhaps the smell of cordite could have been from explosives kept inside the pentagon. I saw a segment on TV that was built around the investigation on how the towers could tumble from planes crashing into it. It looked pretty convincing. Just because they were the first towers to fall due to fire doesn't make its a cover up.
And it begs the question, why would they do this, why kill so many people. I can not see how something so horrible and on such a large scale would be kept secret from being the main cause of the incident because it would need the cooperation of thousands from the FAA to the NYPD and I can't believe those people involved would be so cruel to do such a thing and not feel guilty enough to say something.
And it still doesn't explain what happened to the plain that was meant to crash into the pentagon.

The most I can see out of this is that the CIA or whoever knew about the attack and instead of doing nothing they just helped out. Like backburning during buh fire season. Control the level of damage done. What do you think?
Posted By: §intå×

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/23/07 03:52 PM

You do not need the cooperation of thousands. You just need top key figures. The Air traffic controller that day who talked with the media also was the Air Traffic controller that talked to the media on the flight TWA 800 The plane that just blew up in 1996. That explosion had witnesses that say they saw a streak of light move toward it. The official story is it just failed or some crap.

See I think like this. A few odd coincidences okay, sure. But literally hundreds? First off the official story probably what you saw in your documentary doesn't hold up if you know the science. Steel could not possibly melt at the temperatures that were in the building. The fire was not out of control. The Fire marshal had made it to the fire and said he would be able to put it out. lol He was standing right in front of it. There is video of people standing right at the holes in the building looking out. Must have been real hot. Mind you they are just walking around. Not jumping, not running. Just standing there.

Black smoke is a sign a fire is smothering, white smoke is what you get with a hot well fulled fire. Traces of Thermate has been
found at ground...Trans-Afghanistan_Pipeline]oil pipe line
from north to south. We had plans to do this before you see. But news got out about how mean the Al Qaeda were. All kinds of human rights groups got involved. We couldn't do business with them now that this is out. I mean we are the leaders of the free world here. We had to over throw them you see.

So the plan is drawn up. If we do not position ourselves to have a sustainable oil supply by 2010 we will be in big trouble. We need to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Here you will need to see this.

It isn't just getting to the oil. See you have to safely get it back here. If you look around the map you will see we are not in the safest area in regards to US allies and such. So you need a pipeline through the now US 'liberated' Afghanistan and Pakistan which is now allowed to do business with us again... Yippy. The oil from Iraq can be pumped out and shipped through the US friendly Turkey, then loaded to ship in the Mediterranean sea and distributed to US friendly Europe states and the US.

There is just one hitch. The US civilians always protest war. Damn hippies. What we need is a Perl harbor type event. I [censored] you not that is a quote from a "Project for the new American Century" document. The patriot act was written before 9/11 ever happened.

There was an agenda here. It would take a tragedy to bring that agenda to life. 3 buildings fall down and people scream out you must do something. Please avenge their deaths.

There is still no proof Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. There aren't any WMDs. We still have not captured Bin Laden. Not only that... The man who masterminded the worst attack on American soil is not a top priority? Why is that? I know why, because he didn't do it. He is the scape goat that was paid very well to go along with it.
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: 9/11 cover up or Terrorist Act - 01/24/07 02:45 PM

Part of my skepticism on your theory of a secret organisation bent on globalisation is because the protests against meetings of groups like the G8 and the World bank make it seem like a bad thing. But is dissolving borders in politics and economy so bad if it unites the planet?

So far I can't see it working, well at least not in Lennon's "Imagine" image, so is it even possible?

If it did work then maybe it would be for the best.
Unless of course it ended up like the book 1984. But even then perhaps this step towards a police state is just making it easier for another organisation to unite the world for ethical and morale reasons and not money and power. That is, the secret cult is doing the work for something more positive.

With all the world religions and political factions, this will never work. People are just to educated today. We would see it coming.
I don't think the EU is going to let it happen or even want it, I don't think China and India would be assimilated. Its a stupid idea some power hungry self absorbed Americans came up with. The most they can do is continue to exploit the middle east and later Africa, and it will be so slow to wash through these land masses that by the time its done the other one will have became anti-American again. I mean the Taliban is back in Afghan and Iraq isn't going to succeed. Sure some guys are making a mint from all the warring, but I think that just like all the ancient and modern 'commanders and chiefs' that tried to take over the world failed so will this one.
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