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Posted By: Gremelin [Audio] Joe Rogan vs Carlos Mencia - 02/19/07 12:00 PM

Recently Joe Rogan called Carlos Mencia out at the Comedy Club in California (owned by Paulie Shore's family); apparently Carlos had been stealing others material, and Joe came in with proof...

Joe's now banned from the comedy club, with all of his shows canceled; whereas Carlos is still appearing...
Posted By: Gremelin Re: [Audio] Joe Rogan vs Carlos Mencia - 02/19/07 12:19 PM
The funny thing is that Joe Rogan was doing a set when Carlos busted in, yet Joe holds his own against Carlos being a [censored]... lol...

This all happened at The Comedy Store

Oh, and btw, check this... The bit posted on youtube was banned by request of carlos mencia as copyright infringement...

YET, check out this DIGG here
Carlos Mencia went on the Mikey radio show in San Diego to discuss the Joe Rogan incident. Carlos discusses the fight and starts talking about the new bits hes doing. The new bit he is discussing is a stolen bit from another radio show. The DJ announces Carlos is banned from the Mikey show now for using stolen material.

You can read one of the writers of "Mind of Mencia" blasting everything [url=]on his blog[url].
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