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compact flash and GBA flash rom

Posted By: InternalVoice

compact flash and GBA flash rom - 02/12/04 03:33 PM

does any one know anything about
"compact flash" or
"GBA (game boy advance)Rom (the cartridge that the games are on)
i am atemting to make an adapter to use a compact flash card instead of the regualar game cartridge
heres what i need
I) pinouts for both cards
II) info on how the gba flash rom works
III) a possible schematic (if you want to take the time if not then i can design my own)

please if you could help me that would be awsome
Posted By: Chem

Re: compact flash and GBA flash rom - 02/13/04 04:27 AM

GBA flash carts are very poppular, why dont you spend $20 on one? that way you dont have to walk around with a soldered piece of [censored] hanging out of your gameboy and looking like an idiot?
Posted By: InternalVoice

Re: compact flash and GBA flash rom - 02/16/04 10:47 AM

the thing is is that i dont want to spend the money on the rom and then the software and hardware to download to the rom from my computer when i have all of that for my compact flash, i would just rather make an adaptor
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