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Posted By: Defcon

Antenna - 11/30/04 09:52 AM

No I'm not talking about ghetto rigged wire coat hangers wrapped with tin foil used to get that TV Station in the next town.

I'm looking to get into some serious Shortwave and Mediumwave DXing so I need to look into antennas but everything I find is way to technical. Anyone got the latest copy of Antennas for Dipshits? Oh mighty Gizzy does your Ham Radio Skillz have any data for this lowly soul.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Antenna - 11/30/04 12:17 PM

Not too difficult to find plans for antenna's for amateur radio's; I have a few (2m) in my yard but I haven't used 'em in a while...

Try and
Posted By: n0mel

Re: Antenna - 12/12/04 09:17 PM

It will be hard to find articles on making antennas that aren't complicated...that's because they are very complicated.

There is some software called NEC (Numerical Electromagnetic Code). It allows you to essentially "draw" the antenna using many small wires, the show how the antenna will radiat energy put into it. It will also show the antennas impedance, which is a very important aspect of making an efficient antenna. MININEC is nice and easy to use. The number of segments (wires used to make the antenna) is limited, but it's fairly high for simple structures. Go to for an achive of a lot of NEC and NEC2 software.

Look up SWR and, impedance matching, polar plots, radiation patterns, and gain. You don't have to understand any of them to use the software, but you should know what they are to understand the data you'll get from the software.

Have fun!
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