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Games on ur Calc.?

Posted By: Lolo

Games on ur Calc.? - 06/11/04 03:26 AM

How can i put games on my TI-83 calculater? and plz don't tell me to just search on google..cuz i have...
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Games on ur Calc.? - 06/11/04 04:52 AM

Well you didn't search very hard then. Took me 2 minutes to get all this:

Posted By: LeviMrJeans

Re: Games on ur Calc.? - 12/31/05 07:21 PM

if you find someone with games on their ti-83 u can send them over to yours with the link cable, just a matter of finding someone with them. Try hanging out at a high school getting stoned and try to persuade someone to give up some games maybe it'll work if you find the right tangent. eh?
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Games on ur Calc.? - 12/31/05 10:59 PM

WAAAAAAAAAAY too old of a thread to bump and not add anything 'ground breaking'. Try to refrain from that in the future.
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