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Posted By: hyperx

wondering.... - 08/29/04 07:59 PM

Hey all~

I have a Megatrends SuperMicro 370DL3 motherboard, the one without SCSI, I was wondering if it is possible to 'unsolder' the ISA slot on it? or will it just fu*k up the mobo? theres no reason behind it, just I figure if it doesnt have scsi welll it dont need to have isa.

yeah lame i know, but can i?

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: wondering.... - 08/29/04 08:06 PM

Interesting, yet stupid, idea...

Keep in mind that there may be a loopback in the ISA slot to keep the channel working, so taking the slot out could render the motherboard useless... And if you wanted to put it back in in the future you'll need to remember which end went where for the same reason...

I say to just leave it there as you can render your hardware useless; i mean it's not like you have a clear case like IceMyst does wink ...

IF you do decide to do this keep in mind that you will be voiding your warrenty as well as keep in mind you will need to get rid of every last speck of solder around the ISA port as well...
Posted By: sinetific

Re: wondering.... - 08/30/04 06:49 PM

/me agrees with gizmo.

You will most likely render it useless in the process of unsodering it. Motherboards are extremely delicate pieces of hardware and have many levels of internal wiring. Removing it, if you were able to do it cleanly, wouldn't necessarily disrupt the power flow within the board since it would just then be an input without the 'jack' on it, but I strongly recommend against this. ISA is not obsolete. Why would you want to take it off? It will look like [censored] without it, you will burn/melt the board in the process, and honestly if your thinking of attempting this you don't have the slightest idea of what is involved.

So, yes. You're right, Lame and no, you probably can not, but you'll still probably attempt it anyways and deystroy the board in the process because judging from your last few posts, you don't have a lot of common sense.
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