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ps2 burning

Posted By: Shaggy

ps2 burning - 01/28/06 11:52 PM

hey there im a noob and i need helpo with game burning. i have tha dvd burner and dvds but i dont kno wat programs i need. PLZ HELP
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ps2 burning - 01/29/06 12:31 AM

A simple Google Search would do wonders...
Posted By: sinetific

Re: ps2 burning - 02/05/06 05:38 PM

PS2 uses a normal DVD format, so any dvd burner will back up your games.
Buy a mod chip from the dms4 works awesome for me. I would suggest the solderless installation since you seem like a dumbass. Then you will be able to play any of your backed up games if the orignals become destroyed.
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