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obscure parts

Posted By: Gollum

obscure parts - 04/06/04 09:25 AM

i was wondering where people here get odd electronics parts from. i'm searching specifically for some 220 volt 16 pin resistor dips, ckn9009 momentary push-button switch, 24-pin .600 inch sockets, and a single row, 32-pin pcb mount socket. i've tried radio shack, they had crapness, then "you do it" electronics which is like radio shack, but they have lots more parts, and are not crappy...but even they dind't have what i was looking for. i was wondering if there are any websites which might have lots of parts. i've seen electronics plus and xtronics...electronics plus seems better, and have lots of stuff...but i still can't find exactly what i need. although i'm still looking, jsut to make sure i didn't miss anything there. but the parts are listed in a book i got. and lots of ppl get this book and give it good reviews. i don't see why they'd give it good reviews, if they couldn't get the parts to build the projects in it. so those ppl must be finding this stuff somewhere. what am i missing here?//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: obscure parts - 04/06/04 10:09 AM

try mouser electronics
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: obscure parts - 04/06/04 10:11 AM

Dumpsters, good will, etc
Posted By: Gollum

Re: obscure parts - 04/06/04 12:55 PM

mouser is great. has a bit of what i'm looking for. i think my main problem is that i'm looking for resistor dips by voltage, where as i see most of them listed in ohms. why would the book list them as 220 volt resistor dips if NOBODY else does?//
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: obscure parts - 04/06/04 01:27 PM

Canadians... Mexicans... you choose...
Posted By: sinetific

Re: obscure parts - 04/07/04 09:21 AM

dude. You will never find a resistor listed by voltage. It just doesnt work that way. Resistance is ohms all resistors are listed in ohms and watts. maybe they meant ohms and wrote voltage, maybe that is the voltage across the resistor. Your going to have to show me the schematic if possible. DIP is just Dual Inline Package. You could use 16 220 ohm carbon film resistors (red red black). My guess is its a misprint and it's supposed to be 220 ohm
Posted By: Gollum

Re: obscure parts - 04/12/04 03:17 AM

after double checking. it actually reads:
220 v 16-pin resistor dip

would the v stand for anything else. if not, this work?:
Bourns DIP Thick Film Resistor Networks
16 PIN ISO. 220 OHM
Bourns DIP Thick Film Resistor Networks
16 PIN BUSS. 220 OHM
Vishay/Dale DIP Resistor Networks
2% 16PIN 220 OHM
Vishay/Dale DIP Resistor Networks
220/330 OHM 16 PIN

on the included pcb. it has the spots marked as:
RP1 220 and RP2 220 (cuz it needs two of the dips)

and, in the book, they have a picture of the dips. not sure if this helps, cuz most of it is probably manufacturer things. but they have written on them:
B C0227

they might be a letter or two off. as it's a bit hard to read. i'd just prefer not to use somethign that'll [censored] everythign up. as for schematics. i dont' think the book includes one for the pcb. or if it does, i have yet to find it.//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: obscure parts - 04/12/04 06:18 PM

I think this might be what your looking for. I can't find what part it actually is. If you called them I'm sure they would be more than happy to tell you.
Posted By: King Fransisco IV

Re: obscure parts - 07/04/04 09:55 PM

I'm not seriously into electronics but from my experience you really have to improvise, but i think your out of luck on that
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: obscure parts - 07/05/04 05:08 AM

psst, king; did you look at the last reply date?
Posted By: lunafox

Re: obscure parts - 08/30/09 09:46 AM

Hi Gollum:

I am probably reading the same book - 123 Robotics experiments for the Evil Genius by Myke Predko. I found some of the parts at but they don't carry the CKN9009 push button switch. I will update the board at a later date when I find more parts for this book.
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: obscure parts - 12/04/09 10:46 PM

A switch is a switch wink
Posted By: smw

Re: obscure parts - 12/28/09 08:37 AM

OP may not find this useful anymore, but for the rest of the folks looking for the parts out of the "123 Robotics Experiments..." book, here's a bit of info:

The 16 pin resistor DIP is common part number 4116R-1-221. Please note that that's a six, not a "G". Here's a breakdown of the part number.
-"41" is the model.
-"16" is the number of pins.
-"R" is the physical configuration (R is a thick film low profile config).
-"1" is the electrical config. 1 is isolated, 2 is bussed, 3 is dual terminator.
-221 is the resistance code, almost like you would read off an individual resistor's color code. The first two numbers are significant and the last number is how many zeros follow the two sigs (so 221 is 2-2-one zero, or 220 ohm).

Here's the datasheet for that DIP:

Essentially what you're looking at is eight 220 ohm isolated resistors in a fancy little package.

As for the CKN9009 button, yes, a switch is a switch. The specific button is here - digikey's part number even matches, but there's a list of other part numbers this little guy goes by:

It's just a tiny four pin through hole mount momentary button. If you've ever seen the latest arduinos, their reset button is the same type.
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