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Wireless Earbuds

Posted By: jonconley

Wireless Earbuds - 04/21/04 09:53 PM

I work in a place where you need earplugs, there are also strict standards against having anything hanging off your body.

Now, its 10 hr shifts and I need some music. I have searched, and cannot find wireless earbuds to wear in place of my earplugs. I figure they might not notice, or hopefully will allow it if they are noise-canceling.

Any ideas>?
Posted By: Gollum

Re: Wireless Earbuds - 04/22/04 09:30 AM

the closest thing i've found is:
probably not what you're looking for though
not to mention the price. i doubt you'll be able to find any headphones that small without wires. every pair i've seen has some sort of wire coming down. even wireless ones, lol. they'll have a wire that goes down to a transmitter. and those, like the one above, are about $500.//
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