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idea needed

Posted by: Digital Geek

idea needed - 11/15/02 11:03 PM

Like, I have this two phones (Alcatel One Touch Club)

that are like really really old. They still work perfectly, but since I have a new one and no one would buy them (cuz they look like shit) I thought to try and make something out of them.

Anyone has some ideeas ?
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: idea needed - 11/16/02 07:08 AM

give you $5 for them
Posted by: Digital Geek

Re: idea needed - 11/16/02 02:26 PM

Heh, don't know , I was thinking into building something out of them, maybe use the displays for something ... i know something neat can be done out of them, just don't know what yet.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: idea needed - 11/16/02 06:58 PM

If i had them i'd find something lol... Hell I have a grip of old sim card phones ...
Posted by: sinetific

Re: idea needed - 11/16/02 07:49 PM

What i like to do with my old electronics is strip them for parts. Just start disassembling it, taking every thing off of it that seems like useful parts. Having a sodering iron and some sprig helps. Look up the ID numbers on the items you've salvaged to get pin-outs and data sheets. I really dont know if this would work for phones though since they use all that surface mount technology crap and youd probably need one of those tiny ass sodering irons. You could try to reprogram the EEPROM in it. Or you could get $5 for em and sell them to gizmo or even better 'donate' them to UGN.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: idea needed - 11/16/02 09:59 PM

/e likes electronics donations!
Posted by: $500,000 Bentley

Re: idea needed - 11/16/02 10:37 PM

make em in2 radios,u kno walkie talkies.
Posted by: AlienTerror

Re: idea needed - 11/17/02 01:12 PM

smash with a sledge=D
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