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Video Card Problems

Posted By: Cold Sunn

Video Card Problems - 07/26/03 01:43 AM

Alright, the story: I buy an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 Sapphire, expecting the absolute best because this card is so badass. I install it, and there seem to be no problems. The onboard video just says "Well, I'm not needed so later." and the Radeon takes over. Fine. Then, I try to do anything with 3d:

The first two are screenshots of CS, sized down. The third is a crop of the full size. The last is a crop of Valve Hammer Editor.

I get worse problems in UT2K3 in the menus and such, but during gameplay I get those squares.

My computer isn't hot, it's a big case with a few fans going. Everything is fine unless it's 3D as far as I can tell.

It came with the newest drivers, which I reinstalled. I then got the newest pack of [censored] (same as what came with it) from the ATI website, but nothing changed.

Thanks for any help. A few friends have heard of problems like this, but of course, have no idea how to fix it.

There are problems watching video, The Matrix DVD for example. Green squares/dots show up on the screen pretty much everywhere that isn't red. They don't show up in screen captures and of course video does not show up with Print Screen.

I used the Driver Cleaner ( to remove ati/nvidia/nvidia chipset drivers. Then, I installed the ATI stuff I needed and installed the nvidia chipset drivers again so sound and all would work. It is still shitty.

I have removed the card from my computer and uninstalled the stuff, then it worked great (using the onboard video like before I even had this card). Then, I reinstalled it and it sucked again.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Video Card Problems - 07/26/03 11:28 PM

I heard that it has problems with the driver because of some DVD playback feature, try to turn off Adaptive De-Interlacing. Besides that, you just have to wait for a new driver, ATI is aware and working one the issue.

next time post in electronics, ktnx.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Video Card Problems - 07/27/03 11:43 AM

sin is right, the electronics forum is for hardware questions.

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