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Overheating issue??

Posted By: Norsca

Overheating issue?? - 07/28/03 02:34 PM

Ok, I have a home build computer, and for the first 8 month it worked perfectly, then summer hit... One day the comp just started overheating, but the problem only occured during heavy loads it seems (mainly, games.) I can basically do everything I want except play games. I can watch videos, listen to music, write, surf the web, what have you, however, if I start up a game I might get 5 or 10 minutes of play before the system just locks up.

Now, for a while I just took off the case and put a fane ot it... but soon even that stopped working, so one day I just took everything apart and cleaned everything off (included the dusty heatsink) so I thought that might be a problem. It worked fine, again though, I kept the cover off and a fan on it. On that same day, I ordered some new fans for the computer, including a new processor fan/heatsink combo (ALPHA PAL8045U. Heat Sink + Fan.) from new egg along w/ some normal fans.

Today, the computer locked up again (about an hour ago) so I decided to install all the new fans etc. I come back, power it up, start a game... it still locks up.

Now, I am beginning to think maybe the fan on my video card has died? At this point, I am completely out of ideas...

*Another quick question, I have only installed 3 processors so far, 1 I put to much heatsink, which caused a very burnt processor, another was just out of the package that didn't use heatsink... now, this one said I should put a "thin layer," with that said I made it just about see threw, is that right? Should I have put more on? I can't use past experience, because the other one I put way to much on.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Overheating issue?? - 07/29/03 03:29 AM

i have similar problems playing games on my laptop, however, instead of freezing up it just shuts itself off after extensive game play. it may be possible that your problem is not in overheating but rather something to do with one of your video drivers. check out your video card's website and download any updates. also, search on google for any known problems related to your hardware. from what i have read in a+ books, it is not advisable to take the case off your computer while it is running, that can undermine the air flow scheme and cause it to overheat.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Overheating issue?? - 07/29/03 04:03 AM

Yeah, I would agree with BS and think that It's a driver problem and not heat. There is known issues with some cards getting stuck in endless loops and causing the symptoms yours displayed.

As for the 'heatsink' lubricant that goes between the actual heatsink and processor: The purpose of it is to fill and tiny crevasses in the metal that air could possibly get trapped inbetween them. Another thing to reduce this is called 'lapping'. It's sanding the surface of the heatsink to a mirror finish. then just apply an extremely thin amount of lubricant across the entirity of the 'sink to fill any remaining on the processor shell. Here's a guide i found:

As for running the machine with the case off, it would be fine as long as you put a room fan blowing on it which I think he said he was doing. You just don't want the air standing still inside of your machine.
Posted By: Norsca

Re: Overheating issue?? - 07/29/03 07:10 AM

Ok, I will go check out the videocard's drivers now, and thanks for the link sinetific, interesting info smile
Posted By: Crime

Re: Overheating issue?? - 07/29/03 08:56 AM

all im saying is: AC cooled case....
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Posted By: Norsca

Re: Overheating issue?? - 07/30/03 08:20 PM

Actually, what I have decided to do is buy a new case (I really don't like mine, anyways.) Since I was browsing for a new case, I realized something after looking at some images. I had all for of my fans (front and back) pointing inwards, providing no actual airflow. So, that probably was the actual problem. With that stated, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice... I am looking at getting one of these 2 cases, but I really don't know what the difference is (short of one having a window, and one not)

Only reason I am asking is becuase the one with the window costs 40 dollars more and honestly, unless there is some other difference, I don't think a window is worth 40 dollars smile
Posted By: UndeadBob

Re: Overheating issue?? - 07/30/03 08:44 PM

as far as i can tell the only difference is the window...
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