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hub/router stuff

Posted By: MESELF

hub/router stuff - 05/11/04 06:43 AM

just a quick question that will make me sound ignorant. ive got my router hooked up to my cable modem which is (currently) a 4 port router that is connected to four rooms in the house (hardwired obviously). in one of the rooms i have an xbox and a pc but only one port on the wall. can i just put a hub in that room so i can have both the xbox and the pc plugged in at the same time? and would a hub have to be set to "uplink" (with the uplink going to the router) or "normal" or whatever it is?
Posted By: Ghost

Re: hub/router stuff - 05/11/04 07:45 AM

Yes you can wire that hub to your wall jack. The router's DHCP server will assign it an IP address. Depending on the hub you may need to use the "Uplink" port to connect to your walljack. I would recommend you use a switch instead though, as they are much more efficient.
Posted By: Flowbe1

Re: hub/router stuff - 05/11/04 07:51 AM

yes, i'm not sure bout the uplink thing cause I don't know your hub. But if I'm not mistaken you connect your xbox and pc to the hub ports and if there is an uplink port or somethin like that you run your cable from your hub to your router.

and ya didn't sound ignorant, [censored] I had to make sure a hub and a router we're like devices so I asked someone just to make sure. If i'm not mistaken that should work, but i'm pretty sure I'm right.

Ghost beat me to it(faster typer) lol. In my opinon though a switch would be kinda useless since you'll only have 4 computers on your network and I doubt all of them will be used at the same time to worry bout collisions. But ghost is right though a switch is better-though a hub will do just fine, [censored] thats pretty much what your router is a hub with 4 ports that routes packets(with a few features like DHCP, and firewall)

Hope that helps


Posted By: Gremelin

Re: hub/router stuff - 05/11/04 09:07 AM

Plug the router port to the uplink on the hub; in most hub's the uplink port shares port1 on the hub.

And yes as ghost said your best bet is a switch.

You don't have to use DHCP, you can assign IP's to your various PC's, of coarse this is dependant on your needs.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: hub/router stuff - 05/12/04 01:22 AM

Yeah, you can assign your xbox's ip address from the xbox live configuration menu. Im not going to post instructions on it because im sure you know how, or can figure it out yourself. Btw MESELF, You have Xbox Live?
Posted By: MESELF

Re: hub/router stuff - 05/12/04 04:53 AM

yeah im running static ip and the hub won't get an ip, right? just the pc and xbox should. the xbox is REALLY easy to set up cuz all the menus are laid out pretty well and i'll just copy the settings from my comp and just increment the ip address by one.
and yes i do have xbox live. the only games i have tho so far are mech assault and pgr2. i forgot my gamertag cuz i havent played in forever (school) so i'll have to go sign on and see what it is, i think its just "meself" but i'd better check to be sure.

Edit:my gamertag is meself i had already posted it in the gaming forum a long time ago in "gamertags" or something like that. i made a quick post to it anyway to revive the thread.
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