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laptop hardware

Posted By: Coleman

laptop hardware - 09/01/03 07:59 PM

I recently bought a new laptop and thought i would use it for games and use me other box for me other activities because it would save memory and make my boxes go quicker but i found out that the laptop i purchased didnt have a 3D Grphics card does any one know if they even sell those things for laptops any more?
Posted By: Chem

Re: laptop hardware - 09/01/03 09:52 PM

I think your talking about a pcmci1 (not sure if thats spelled right) graphic cards or something.

Long story short, you're screwed.

your best chance is a docking bay, though it may cost more than your willing to pay.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: laptop hardware - 09/02/03 12:38 AM

yeah, if it doesn't have the card in's highly doubtful that you can upgrade the card. so like chem said, you're screwed.//
Posted By: Coleman

Re: laptop hardware - 09/02/03 11:10 AM

Damn that sux ok well thank you for your help and how much would it set me back to get this docking bay?
Posted By: Coleman

Re: laptop hardware - 09/05/03 02:47 AM

umm i geuss ur not gonna answer me.
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