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Posted By: riptech

T2 - 10/30/03 11:10 AM

hey new to this site and genre of STUFF, so just letting you all know what my intentions kid looking to make a quick dime for spending money, with as little investment as i can, thats about the gist of it, handy enough with my hands can follow schematics for hardware easy enough, computer skills are coming along, just running a compaq armada M700, with the pentium 3 processor, windows Xp,

my main question for this post was what was john conner using in T2 when he hacked that ATM and got the money. Pretty sure that it used the last persons account and hacked the PIN, so just wondering what he used...i know prolly could never afford it on my minimum wage job but be interesting to know...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: T2 - 10/31/03 05:17 AM

The tool was most likely custom made if it exists; however, it was a movie so im gonna bet that it doesnt exist, maybe not even plans.
Posted By: riptech

Re: T2 - 10/31/03 07:02 AM

yeah i figured that but wouldn't it be great?
Posted By: Ghost

Re: T2 - 11/01/03 05:08 AM

yeah it would be pretty sweet smile
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