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AGP slot

Posted By: [email protected]

AGP slot - 08/07/03 10:44 PM

I wish to know the compatibility of my agp slot, whether it is 4X or 8X.
How is that possible.
And I dont have a manual and the websites dont provide me with the info.
The mobo is Biostar M7VIG with 2DDR and 2SDR slots.
Thank you.
Posted By: Chem

Re: AGP slot - 08/07/03 10:56 PM

Download AIDA32 Universal System Information tool, its free and its the best tool out there.

Heres a direct download:
Posted By: Infinite

Re: AGP slot - 08/08/03 02:13 AM

The site sure does have the info you want, you must not have looked very hard.

There's a link for the manual of the mobo on that page, as well as all the technical info. And it's a plain ole agp port, not 2x or 4x, just agp.

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