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Requesting info (hardware hacks)

Posted By: Paragon

Requesting info (hardware hacks) - 03/01/03 01:26 AM

Anyone know where I can find any good info on using circuit boards from household items such as a clock radio to do other things with a little modification?
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Requesting info (hardware hacks) - 03/02/03 09:57 AM

The parts on the printed circuit board are more useful and can be more easily reused than the PCB itself. PCBs are usually made product specific even though you do hear about them being used in more than one product. The playstation being turned into a nuclear weapon rumor is a good example of this. The same board that was used in one version of the first playstation(dont know which if anyone knows tell me) was also used in the navagation system of some ballistic missile. This was done with EDA & CAD software and parts databases. These are usually very expensive and also the info that populates these libraries is usually proprietary and not shared outside of the manufactuer company. The electronics world isn't very "open source" like software. If you really want to reuse circuit boards just trace the trace the traces and figure out what goes where, although this can become more and more difficult with more advanced circuits and especially when you get to double and triple layer PCBs. Go and buy a breadboard it's ten times easier than re-using PCB boards. The components that you can get from a clock radio can be very usefull. If you want info on identifying them ill post it here for you.
Posted By: Paragon

Re: Requesting info (hardware hacks) - 03/02/03 05:52 PM

Sure, that would be interesting to see.
Thanks for the info. I'm not much of a hardware person, but I'm willing to learn wink
I saw on tv, this guy was using wires and circuit boards from things like walkmans and clock radios to make little insectoid robots. It was pretty cool. He just had wires for legs, a little motor, and he just turned it on, and it would start walking around. They even tried to avoid obstacles with wire antennae.
That's when I first got interested in the idea of reusing existing PCBs for other purposes.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Requesting info (hardware hacks) - 03/03/03 12:12 AM

a tracking system 'eh? ::looks at PS:: humm...
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