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CPU String

Posted By: andySF

CPU String - 01/14/05 08:14 AM

Can i change the CPU string?
During POST the name of cpu must not be show...
or maybe just the freq or a false name appear...
can be done?

Posted By: Defcon

Re: CPU String - 01/14/05 10:08 AM

Well CPU String is very similar to Butcher String, you can use it to tie up a roast when you're cooking it so it doesn't fall apart. Frankly when you are cooking a roast on a spit, it really sucks when it falls apart. The CPU string helps bind the CPU so changing it isn't an option.

So... why the hell do you wanna do this and what are you talking about. Details help us figure out what exactly you want to know.
Posted By: Skull

Re: CPU String - 01/14/05 10:11 AM

IE... You don't want it to display for example... Pentium 4, or Amd Athalon? Is that what you want to get rid of?
Posted By: andySF

Re: CPU String - 01/15/05 02:34 AM

it is a Duron 1,1 and i don't whant to be visible "Duron" or any info about cpu.

i put a screen logo but he whant a system pass from bios ... so the logo is useless smile
is a gigabyte mb...if that helps...i don't remeber what type...

Posted By: Defcon

Re: CPU String - 01/15/05 04:44 AM

Spell Check..... Spell Check Spell Check SPELL CHECK!!!!!

So you don't WANT the type of CPU to be visible when you start up or use the computer.

i put a screen logo but he whant a system pass from bios ... so the logo is useless [Smile]
is a gigabyte mb...if that helps...i don't remeber what type...
If I may ask, who is he? Did you build a computer for someone and used cheaper parts but now want to hide it from the customer? At this point it's all I can quess, but it seems logical.
Posted By: Skull

Re: CPU String - 01/15/05 05:10 AM

Ok I've got a guess here as to solve your problem, or desire for what ever reason you have to want to do this. When a computer loads up, it looks at the CMOS memory on the mother board and runs a bios startup sequence which does a few tests and processes, one of which if i were a guessin person, display the CPU information. All you have to do then, is modify the instructions in the CMOS to not display the information.

Your next question is, "But Mr. Skullbro how do i do that?"

The anwser to that question is, if you are asking it, then it is above your head, and your best bet would be to go do a search and do alot of reading about the Bios, and search the Motherboard makers homepage, and search for a bios version that won't display that information, unlikely.

Why do you not want it to display the cpu information?


Posted By: andySF

Re: CPU String - 01/16/05 01:10 AM

when mb is power up the chipset is reading from bios instructions/programs for testing and indentify the hardware , i know, but i'm afraid when i will found something in cmos file for cpu what i will have to do? changing with a lot of NOPs? and changing just one bit for true or false is great but who the hell know where is that bit ...not's kind of freaky and not worth the risk,and i'm beginer in stuff like that... i don't really know what to put there...

in some cases when you switch to manual and changhe the fsb or multiplicator you will se just the frequence...but this come over me just now...i will try that on my comp...hope to work...

i have one more q:
can i found a bios emulator and a bios menu edior for award? (not awdbedit from\'m not asking this for the cpu stuff...i just need a app like that smile

i'm sorry that you must concentrate before you start reading what i'm wrting here...i suck writng in more fun reading...

hey nice button spell check ... i never see it
have a nice weekend smile
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