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Hardware knowledge

Posted By: Ntd

Hardware knowledge - 06/03/04 07:02 PM

Hey i have been searching google for sites that explain hardware because i have money to build a new Pc and want to make an informed choice on what i buy however many components have abriviated terms and values that i dont understand if you know any good sites please tell me or if you have information that can help please post it.

Sites i have been too: ([censored] page) (A BIT BASIC)
NEED MORE PLEASE HElp ([censored] caps lock is on cbf going back)
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/03/04 08:06 PM

There are countless sites that review hardware like TomsHardware.Com and then there are more than enough sites for buying hardware like

Those are the two that I would suggest. Tom's hardware can be a bit technical, but is a good site for hardware information and benchmark comparisons.

NewEgg has excellent prices, links to review sites for products, customer rating and reviews for products, and links to the official site of manufacturer. Also quick delivery and low cost if not free shipping.

For abbreviations and such, try something like and do a search in the technology subsection
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/04/04 02:06 PM

Ok thanks however i want a site that can help me know what hardware goes with what hardware and which is the best for example, I want a AMD 64 bit cpu but i dont know what mobo i can get and mor importantly i dont know how to find out that kind of information i dont want sites that are trying to sell products. Any help please.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/05/04 03:39 AM

NewEgg has that information. The reviews explain usually what the user used together and if you look at various specs you can find socket type for a CPU and check mobos for same socket type or search by only that socket type. They also tell what CPU is supported in the mobo specs and to what speed. Same thing with everything else, just check your mobo specs and go from there.
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/05/04 09:29 AM

Yeah um this is probelery a dumb question but what is dual channel memory ? I was reading some reveiws for the AMD 64 cpu's and it came up alot also what is L2 cache?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/06/04 01:34 AM
Posted By: Daghda

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/26/04 07:32 PM


I live in Ireland and thought about building my own pc with parts from the us(newegg and tigerdirect I think!), as they are much cheaper.
Would the only part I need to buy here be the power supply, could the rest be bought from newegg with out problems for the computer?

Also, I know the 64 bit AMD is very powerfull, but I was wondering, wouldn't the operating system have to programmed to be able to use it power(like HT technology)?
As far as I know Windows had plans to make they OS 64bit compatible, but they were scrapped. Is this correct?

Posted By: res

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/26/04 08:01 PM

Daghda, Yes you only need to buy the power supply unit from Ireland and the rest of your system can be purchased from the US. There is Windows 64-bit you could use and it has not been "scapped".
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/27/04 03:02 AM

In my opinion tiger direct has better prices and deals than newegg, but newegg has the latest bleeding edge hardware.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hardware knowledge - 06/27/04 12:23 PM

I hate Tiger Direct; they have great prices but shipping is a [censored]...

Myself I just drive out to Fry's Electronics (the company who back's
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