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FTA Satellite receivers

Posted By: AccessDenied

FTA Satellite receivers - 04/07/06 11:08 PM

Anyone know where I can find more information on the embedded IRD's used with the viewsat's?
Posted By: railman99

Re: FTA Satellite receivers - 05/22/06 02:25 PM

Not sure what you mean by "embedded IRDs"
Here is what I did to unlock a friend's Viewsat Extreme VS2000 for Dish:

Go to pureFTA, read the Viewsat Tutorials here:
Instructions here:
The .PGM files are here for Viewsat Platinum and Viewsat Extreme:
Opkey file load instructions here:
Proper settings are listed here:
Viewsat User Guide here:

In short, first download load2
then use it to load latest .PGM file, then use it to load opkey file, then do an AUTOSCAN for the satellites, you are done.
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