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New PC

Posted By: Ntd

New PC - 11/15/03 05:24 PM

Hey all, I have no hardware experience or knowledge and i want to change this! So i have decided to make my own PC. Since i am a Hardcore gamer, it will be a gaming machine. I all ready have a monitor, Keyboard & Mouse and Case. I want to hear your opinions befor i buy all this equipment ::-

:::> Pentium 4 3.0 GHz With HTD,
:::> 120G HDD
:::> 512mb DDR Ram (or 1 gig)
:::> 128mb GeForce FX 5200 DDR with TV OUT
:::> Gigabyte K7 Triton Motherboard
:::> DVD-Player/Buner
:::> On-Board 3D EAX2

Its going to cost me about 1,500 Au if i choose to buy the parts from my local shop, and I wont upgrade for about 4 years so will that set-up do? And also i don't know any sites with reiews or information about hardware.

Thanks for any help.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: New PC - 11/17/03 01:58 PM

rather than the geforce, seriously consider a radeon. i was a huge nvidia fan (still am) but after doing a lot of research, i definately have a lot more respect for ati. and my new computer is probalby gonna have an ati, unless i change my mind b4 i end up buying the rest of the pieces.

some sites to look at:

also, dont' forget the power of google. just type like say "pentium motherboards reviews" or something such as that.

don't skip out on sound for gaming either. you really wanna make sure you have at LEAST a 2.1 speaker system, preferable 5.1.
also, don't forget about the case. i like the antec lanboy or the new p160...or (like mine) a lian-li pc-65. both are great companies. as for a power supply...also check out antec. their truepower or smart power ones are pretty good. and dont' get a cheap power supply, you'll regret it later.;f=20;t=000029

check out that thread.//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 03:22 AM

GeForce has 100 times better linux support, if you plan on ever venturing out into the linux area and want to do gaming GeForce is where its at. GeForce frame rates under linux are a bit higher or the same as windows but ati's aren't even in the same ballpark. a lot slower.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 03:53 AM

But if you wanna do serious gaming, you're not gonna be usin linux, realistically. So he can still run linux on the machine, he just can't play high performance games on it, which he'd most likely do in Windows anyway.
Posted By: Ntd

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 10:03 AM

I am going to install linux, however i will leave my gaming for windows, and another question I want to get a case with a Window thing (You know, a see throught thing), however D347H said that it is not good due to EMF shorting out, so should i get a case with a window or a normal one?
Posted By: Ntd

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 10:08 AM

Oh, one more thing, should i get 1 gig RAM?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 10:25 AM

IF you get one gig, make sure it is matched. B/C you are only going to be able to get 1gig in 2 512MB sticks, so might as well get it now and it will be optimized to perform together.
Posted By: Ntd

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 10:45 AM

I don't wont to upgrade for another 3-4 years, so should i get a 64 Bit processor? And Jonconley what do you mean? (I have no hardware experience)
Posted By: sinetific

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 01:34 PM

Deffinately dont get a 64 bit processor if you want to play games.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: New PC - 11/18/03 01:50 PM

hmmm, for the geforce thing, that was one thing i was wondering about, and was gonna post but wanted to do some research first. does the radeon have opengl support? or is it just an nvidia thing? cuz i AM gonna play games in linux. they may not be as high end as linux games, but they will require 3d support. and i bet that more games will come out for linux soon enough. as for 64-bit processors. some of the benchmarks i saw had good scores for games. at least the amd one's. like the amd fx's i wouldn't get one simply b/c of the high price. you can get a 32-bit now, and a 64 when you need one for the price of getting a 64 bit'll actually save money.

look at those fps's//
Posted By: sinetific

Re: New PC - 11/19/03 01:45 AM

ok, the radeon does have opengl support I never said it didnt. It's support just isn't as good or well written as the GeForce opengl support. Using the standard benchmark for testing FPS in linux, glxgears, a radeon 9000 will give you about 1200 to 2000 while a GeForce4 users claim up to 12000. The nividia drivers are freely distributed but they are closed source. I suppose the radeon drivers will one day be comprable speed but not right now.

As for 64-bit processors maybe i was wrong. I really dont stay ontop of bleeding edge tecnology, but i was alway under the impression you need a 64-bit OS on a 64-bit processor...
Posted By: Gollum

Re: New PC - 11/19/03 01:29 PM

well the amd's are 32-bit compatible 64-bit processors, lol. what i mean, is that the amd fx's and other 64-bit processors will work with 32-bit software...which is awsome. however, if you end up using a 64-bit intel (xeon) then yes, you need a 64-bit os...which windows will have one, however, right now, i wanna say suse is the only well known os that supports 64-bit computing. but while the amd's dont' quite outperform the xeons on EVERYTHING, they still are comparable, and are still cross-compatible with all 32-bit software.//
Posted By: D347H

Re: New PC - 11/20/03 05:25 PM

you have made a few mistakes NTD, gimmie a call or speak to me on msn or wait till the 24th.
Hold off till then if u haven't already and i'll fill u in on a few things.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: New PC - 11/21/03 03:22 AM

why not fill him in on the board where everyone can benefit from the info?
Posted By: Ntd

Re: New PC - 11/22/03 02:43 PM

Lol, death, I am still learning. Wow, you guys have been really helpful!!!!!!! Thanks all!!
Posted By: alchemist

Re: New PC - 11/22/03 03:40 PM

what kind of ram you gonna get?
is the mobo dual channel ?

i recommend getting a better vid card
also a pent 4 2.4c (what i have) overclocked
to 3.2, real stable and simple to do...
with stock voltage and stock fan/heatsink
it goes a long way
this will also save u money for a better vid card
Posted By: D347H

Re: New PC - 11/22/03 04:16 PM

Yee, i just wanted to go over a heap of [censored] on the ph, it is much easier anyway.
Instead of that motherboard (as alchemist was saying) purchase a motherboard that supports dual channel mode.
If you chose an AMD CPU chose a mobo with an NF2 chipset
If you chose an Intel CPU chose a mobo with an Intel chipset.
Still these chipsets out perform SIS or whateva.
The CPU is your decision but I use to be on Intel's side but now I'm certainly a AMD person. Both companies have reliitibely low prices on thier 32-bit range. For AMD overclocking 2700/2800xp's are the best. For P4's their all good.
From 2.4 to 3.0g Intel I herd used the same core. I don't recommend unstable overclocking and i usally don't like it at all, thier isn't much point seeing it can shorten the lifespan of ur cpu and with some surface more problems.
With the GFX 5200 prob go for something better it does depend of how much u want to spend but maybe look at a 5600.
Buy two sticks of 512mb DDR Ram for a dual chan mobo, prob aim for PC3200 sticks.
Cmon NTD as if u need 120gig's, imagine how long it would take u to fill it up lol.
Which brand is it what RPM?
You cannot use ur old case. Buy a new one they only cost between 50-100. Making sure of a min 350w PSU with a extra connectore for P4's. You'd want a new case for airflow and space plus ur old case may be a old AT PSU which with a new pc you'd req a ATX PSU.
Which model/brand is the DVD writer?
I'll hopefully be getting a friend to setup a site for purchasing hardware/soft online, only for aus clients though.
also fill me on the warrenty, conditions and labour costs if they haven't included into that price.
Catch ya
Posted By: acid45

Re: New PC - 12/21/03 11:29 PM

I'm prety sure the AMD's fx-51's aren't only 32-bit compatible, but their fastest 32-bit computing solution with 64-bit computing as well. Everyone's read it's features by now I hope. The only processor that outperforms this in gaming, stock no OC's, is the P4EE which Intel released after the fx-51. In the benchmarks I've read the apple g5 isn't much of a gaming or performance system but more of a quality system with the exception that it takes HALF the time to do prety much anything sound related than both the P4EE or the fx-51. [URL=[/URL] is a magazine I read form time to time. Also if your serious about gaming, this site may become your bible, you might want to look into a faster hard drive and faster ram bu ttry and keep it all in prospective. If you get pc2100 ram then you don't really have the need for an on-chip memorry controller that the fx-51 boasts. However if you have a bit of cash and don't mind spending it then the faster your computer is the less lag will be gamewide since your system, and hopefully your internet conenction, can take the abuse games will give. The fx-51 was aimed to be a PC processor more than a server solution, the opteron is the AMD equivlant to 64-bit server processing.
The P4 isn't far behind at all, it even outperforms the fx-51 in some system configurations. You'd have to check the site for details if they publicly post their articles online. Manufacture sites may say different to benchmarks but since most all benchmarks give the same result with real world systems and not the manufacturer guine pigs.

I don't know how Intel's "prescot" is comming along, but Intel has said in the past they they don't think "consumers" are ready for 64-bit processing. And why not? Maybe it's Intel that isn't ready.

I had another post but I've recently bought a logitech mx700 and it has back and forward browser buttons. I hit the back button...
Posted By: mike393993

Re: New PC - 01/23/04 10:33 AM

Sounds great, but I don't know much about Intel, I'm an AMD guy smile
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