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Video Game Development Kit Released!

Posted By: jonconley

Video Game Development Kit Released! - 08/23/04 08:08 AM

I am an avid reader of /. and I was very excited when they posted yesterday regarding this new kit.
[Linked Image]

Here is a quote from the XGameStation website

The XGameStation is the world's first video game system development kit designed for education. The kit comes with an assembled XGameStation console, a controller, all necessary cables, a CD containing all system software and tools necessary to develop for the system, and of course, an extensive eBook that explains how the system was designed and how it works from the ground up. Everything from basic digital logic to computer engineering to circuit board design to firmware and low-level software is covered, in precise detail. Never before has such a mammoth collection of knowledge, insight and practical techniques for both hardware and software been concentrated in a single place, with such an accessible entry level. This kit is aimed at everyone from seasoned engineers to absolute electronics newbies.
I have always been interesting in software developing, hardware development, modding, hacking hardware, demos, and gaming development. This brings all of those things together. I see tons of uses and fun with this to help other interested ppl get started. This "toy" is a geeks wet dream.

I just wanted to post this here b/c I thought alot of the UGNers would like to know about this. I will be getting one for Christmas (MAME plans with be going to the wayside for a while now). If you know of anything similar, please reply with links or feedback. Thanks.

See more information here
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Video Game Development Kit Released! - 08/23/04 08:27 AM

If i had the cash; if only i had the cash...
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Video Game Development Kit Released! - 08/23/04 09:05 AM

$199 isn't too bad I don't think. Like he mentioned in an interview, might be some early emulators made for it. And come on, nothing like turning off the xbox to challenge your friend in a custom version of pong you created yourself.
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