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Spiderman 2

Posted By: EndGame

Spiderman 2 - 07/06/05 02:05 PM

Title: SpiderMan 2
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 2/5

Basically its a 3D scroll genre game that borrows heavily (in terms of your missions) from its predecessor: Spiderman. (the pc version)

You play as Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) and are given missions where your main concern is to save hostages, defuse bombs and defeat bad-guys. after 4 missions you then face a boss.
The game itself leans towards the plot of the film (Spiderman Two) but plesantly also incorporates some of the adventures from the comic books.

There are a pitiful three bosses: Mysterio, Vulture and of course, Doc Oc.
Once of the few redeeming features is that there are snippets from the actual movie of Doc Oc.

the touch screen capability of the DS is utilised efectively when encountering the bosses but to my great disapointment there is very little use for it in the main game itself (which defeats the purpose since this was one of the main reasons i got my DS)

All in all, you should be able to squeeze about 15 hours out of the game initially but once ur done, youre done. There is NO replayability merit in this game whatsoever.

Gamers Note:
Its fun if ur on the bus heading to work or just killing time waiting for a mate, but nintendo game developers will have to up the antics if they intend to stay in front of the PSP in game sales.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Game: Spiderman 2 - 07/06/05 02:23 PM

I thought that we did away with the "scrolling" games when things like the PS2 and XBox came out? lol... sad..
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Game: Spiderman 2 - 07/06/05 03:07 PM

exactly, and because its scrolling, its piss-easy to 'find' the hostages and bombs sinse ur going to run into them sooner or later.

altho arden fans may argue that the fact that the bombs and hostages are hidden at different levels(heights) helps make the game more challenging.

(..yea, for a two year-old!)
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