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Posted By: Ice

Fable - 12/16/04 09:07 AM

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Title: Fable
Rating: 4.5/5


Well i bought this game because i heard good things about it throught every review i read and ask some friends about it, so i decided to buy it.

Its actually a great game. You start as a young boy in a small village. At that point, you can start deciding rather u want to take the road of good or evil. The one thing that is pretty crappy is if u take the road of evil, the quests dont change nor does the story line. Its all the same no matter what allignment u picked.

When u pick Evil, ur hair is pretty much Dark Black, u start growing horns on ur forehead, scares start appearing on ur face and people are afraid of you. When u walk into a village, they all run away from u in fear.

I dont know about Holy cause my guy is evil smile

Anyways, theres many quests to do, fighting bosses, saving farmers, helping bandits etc..

The story line is pretty good also, follows nicley through the game.

You can use Bows, Swords, or Magic called "Will" in the game. My guy is a mixed bread. I got some magic in there, some Bow skills and fighting skills. Every person will most likely go mixed bread because when the skill is almost mastered, it becomes EVERY expensive, this way all ur experience points will go to one skill making ur character pretty weak.

Another thing i like in this game is when u upgrade ur Strength, Health and Agility, ur Character becomes bigger and more muscular. If u eat good food like Red meat, apples, he becomes more bigger and muscular.

If u eat WAY to mutch food, he becomes fat and that means u gota run around for a while to loose some of the weight.

All in all, its a great game. The only problem is, for the good gamers out there, u can prb beat this game in about 10 hours easly.

Not a very long game. But, still a good game.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Game: Fable - 12/16/04 11:47 AM

Sounds interesting; if I understand correctly it's an RPG? or is it crossing the line to MMORPG?
Posted By: Ice

Re: Game: Fable - 12/17/04 04:37 AM

its pretty mutch a RPG all together. You got ur Health Pots, ur Mana Pots, Food etc..

But ya, ur right, its an RPG.
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