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Wanted: Laptop

Posted By: masterh4x0r89

Wanted: Laptop - 12/12/03 11:31 AM

Umm i want a lap top and i have some [censored] for trade so can anyone help me? like trade cause im piss poor. <img border="0" alt="laugh" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Wanted: Laptop - 12/12/03 11:50 AM

what stuff do you have?
Posted By: Ice

Re: Wanted: Laptop - 12/13/03 04:48 AM

man, ur not the only one that wants a laptop
I wouldnt mind one myslef = )
Posted By: masterh4x0r89

Re: Wanted: Laptop - 12/14/03 12:59 AM

like tell me what you want and i could proboly get the [censored] for you like computer stuff
Posted By: jonas

Re: Wanted: Laptop - 07/05/04 03:43 AM

tell me what u have to trade, i may be interested
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