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Wanted: Digital Camera

Posted By: Gremelin

Wanted: Digital Camera - 07/22/05 08:59 PM

Well, this is a little differant, I'm not looking for USED, I'm looking for new products from a web shoppe, but I'm looking for everyone's opinions and assistance...

Here is my minimums:
Media: Secure Digital (SD) compatable
MegaPixels: 5+
Optical Zoom: 3x+ (I'd prefer a 10x like my current, but I can settle as low as 3)
Viewfinder: 1.5"+ Color LCD Screen, I can't do that viewfinder crap.
Video: Doesn't matter, I likely woudln't use it.
Flash: Built in, I don't like to "fiddle".

Not too uncommon, however I'm looking to spend under a grand ($1000), but I want a good name behind it...

Any assistance?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wanted: Digital Camera - 07/22/05 09:08 PM

I am kind of liking the following:
Cannon PowerShot SD500 Digital Camera (7.1MP, 3072x2304, 3x Opt, 32MB SD Card)
Nikon Coolpix 7900 Digital Camera (7.1MP, 3072x2304, 3x Opt, 13.5MB Installed Memory, SD Slot)

Both are well priced (under my quota) and both have a good rating and have most of what i'm after; the Cannon is $100 more than the Nikon, but the Nikon also has internal memory (should my card fill up)... The Cannon also has more focusing features (such as multiple focus points), additionally the Cannon also has more pixel strength... I'd also get a 2" screen on either of the two, but I'm leaning towards the Cannon ideally...

Has anyone had any experiance with either camera?
Posted By: TheAnt1H3ck

Re: Wanted: Digital Camera - 02/05/10 09:31 AM

I haven't bought from this site but they seem to have a massive amount of cameras that have been reviewed
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wanted: Digital Camera - 02/06/10 05:10 AM

Lol never posted...

I ended up with the Canon Digital Rebel XSi:
12.2 MP
3" LCD

It's not a point and shoot, but I figured that I could afford it at the time.

The point and shoot that I was looking at was the Canon PowerShot SD780-IS
12.1 MP
2.5" LCD
HD Video

I may still pickup the powershot if funding allows just so i can have a compact point and shoot available for when I don't want to lug the powerhouse with me :P.
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Wanted: Digital Camera - 02/16/10 11:48 PM

Sony cybershots with the carl lens goes alright as well.

otherwise I'd only buy Canon.

My first camera was my dads old pentax. Still got it, but it doesn't work. Looks cool though.
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