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Wanted: IDE Hard drives

Posted By: Rapture

Wanted: IDE Hard drives - 04/03/03 02:30 AM

6gb's and up is what i'm looking for. Basically going to be just for storage so either 5400 or 7200 will be fine. Let me know what'cha got because my server is maxed out.


Posted By: Rapture

Re: Wanted: IDE Hard drives - 05/06/03 11:53 PM

Posted By: Futurama 3000

Re: Wanted: IDE Hard drives - 10/27/04 11:31 AM

If your still looking, I have a 6.0 GB (5.99 gb) Hard drive, i think it should be 5400 rpm, but not sure. It came with my win95 computer.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wanted: IDE Hard drives - 10/27/04 05:23 PM

I'll take it if it's free... Can always find a use for a small ide hard disk wink ...

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Posted By: h0nke

Re: Wanted: IDE Hard drives - 01/20/05 03:08 AM

Got an 18gb quantuam or 40gb maxtor ill sell ya dude let me know. I got other hardware 2.
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